DevOps Practitioner - Building Culture and CI/CD Pipelines

( Duration: 5 Days )

This DevOps Practitioner - Building Culture and CI/CD Pipelines training course is an immersive DevOps experience where delegates learn to create a DevOps culture while building a continuous delivery pipeline. Combining theory, hands-on labs and soft skills exercises, the course operates as a DevOps Dojo (a place to study, practice, and learn). It covers both cultural and technical aspects of DevOps where attendees will experience a "week in the life" of a DevOps team. During the week, teams will adopt DevOps principles, implement a continuous delivery pipeline, explore continuous integration and testing, ChatOps, infrastructure as code, and put new ways of collaboration into practice.

By attending DevOps Practitioner - Building Culture and CI/CD Pipelines workshop, delegates will learn:

  • Cultural changes involved in a DevOps transformation, optimizing for the complete system and business outcomes.
  • Concepts, processes and technology to execute on continuous integration and testing, continuous delivery and deployment and continuous operation.

  • As developers: basic scripting and software development skills
  • As operations: basic sysadmin (Linux) knowledge
  • Basic understanding of DevOps principles and methods is a benefit, but not a must

The DevOps Practitioner - Building Culture and CI/CD Pipelines class is ideal for:

  • IT development staff, IT operations staff, IT security staff, IT testing staff, IT teams implementing DevOps



Dev: meet Ops, Ops: meet Dev. Getting to know each other


DevOps introduction


The continuous delivery pipeline: an assembly and operation line for applications


Build something together


Agile for everyone: innovate and operate at the speed of business


Modern application architecture: Micro Services, Test Driven Development


Moving away from phased approaches: continuous integration and testing


Velocity meets quality: automated tests


Iteration to reach perfection: minimum viable product


Dev, Ops and Robots: troubleshooting ChatOps


Zero business downtime with automated and blue/green deployments


Business driven testing in production with A/B testing and canary releases


Making work visible


Optimize cost with infrastructure as code


The Chaos Monkey


Enabling a trust and sharing culture, exploring the impact of team autonomy


DevOps IT topologies and leadership

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