( Duration: 5 Days )

The Chef Fundamentals training course covers the basic architecture of Chef and all of the underlying components. This course covers installation of Chef Client and Chef Solo. Other topics include: creating Chef Repositories, creating cookbooks and using of the new command line utility called Knife. Each of the core units in the course has hands on exercises to reinforce the material. delegates will learn Chef by using it. By attending the class, they will have a code repository that can be used and modified to solve real business problems.

By attending Chef workshop, delegates will learn to create high-quality cookbooks with built-in tests from scratch in no time.

  • Knowledge of cloud computing & basic programming



Chef Introduction

  • What is Chef?
  • Why Chef?
  • Different flavors of Chef

Chef Basics

  • Chef core principles
  • Chef core components

Chef Architecture

  • Chef Architecture
  • Anatomy of a Chef Run

Setting up Workstation

  • Setting up hosted Chef-Server
  • Configuring Knife workstation

Introduction to Nodes

  • Setting up first node

Introduction to Chef Repo


Introduction to Cookbooks

  • Writing Recipes
  • Writing resources
  • Writing attributes
  • Using files in cookbook
  • Using templates in cookbook
  • Using libraries in cookbooks
  • Writing definitions in cookbook

Introduction to LWRP

  • Wring custom resources
  • Applying LWRP in recipes

Introduction to Knife

  • Managing cookbook using knife
  • Managing node using knife

Introduction to Roles

  • Writing roles
  • Managing roles on Chef-server with knife
  • Applying roles on node

Introduction to Environments

  • Writing environments
  • Managing environments on Chef-server with knife
  • Applying environments on node

Introduction to Data Bags

  • Writing data bags
  • Managing data bags on Chef-server with knife
  • Applying data bags in recipe

Introduction to Encrypted Data bags

  • Managing encrypted data bags on Chef-server with knife
  • Applying encrypted data bags in recipes

Introduction to Chef Search

  • Knife search
  • Using search in recipes

Introduction to Knife AWS plugin

  • Installing knife aws plugin
  • Configuring workstation to use aws
  • Managing AWS using knife plugin

Introduction to Knife Azure plugin

  • Installing knife azure plugin
  • Configuring workstation to use azure
  • Managing Azure using knife plugin

Installing and configuring Chef Server and its premium feature

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