EMC VNX Block Storage Remote Protection with MirrorView

( Duration: 2 Days )

In VNX Block Storage Remote Protection with MirrorView training course, attendees will gain thorough exposure to SAN Copy, MirrorView, and Remote Replication software on the VNX series platform. They will focus on the use of remote replicas in business environments, Replication Manager operations, MirrorView, and SAN Copy operating principles. They will discover the differences between MirrorView/S and MirrorView/A, as well as the differences between SAN Copy in Full Copy mode and Incremental mode. They will also learn MirrorView and SAN Copy operation, the Write Intent Logs, the Reserved LUN Pool, creating Replicas, restoring Replicas, and Consistency Groups.

By attending VNX Block Storage Remote Protection with MirrorView workshop, attendees will learn:

  • SAN Copy and Incremental SAN Copy features
  • Manage SAN Copy and Incremental SAN Copy operations
  • MirrorView/A and MirrorView/S features
  • Manage MirrorView/A and MirrorView/S operations
  • Replication Manger Operations

  • An understanding of:
    • VNX models, components, management options, and features
    • Data integrity and availability features found in a VNX storage platform
    • VNX performance, storage configuration, and provisioning concepts
    • PowerPath performance, transparent recovery, and availability features in an open systems host environment
    • SAN terminology, features, architecture, theory of operations, and management including Fibre Channel and IP Storage networks concepts and EMC Connectrix switches
    • SnapView operation, terminology, and performance
    • Basic MirrorView and SAN Copy operation

  • Anyone who manages VNX remote replication with MirrorView or SAN Copy
  • Anyone who architects and positions customer solutions with MirrorView or SAN Copy



SAN Copy and Incremental SAN Copy

  • Features
  • Managing SAN Copy with Unisphere
  • Managing SAN Copy with Secure Command-Line Interface (CLI)
  • Using admhost with SAN Copy

MirrorView/A and MirroView/S

  • Features
  • MirrorView Consistency Groups
  • Managing MirrorView with Unisphere
  • Managing MirrorView with Secure CLI
  • Using MirrorView with SnapView
  • Related EMC Technologies

Remote Replication Hardware

  • Cisco IP Storage Services Module Features

FC/IP Protocols: SAN Copy over TCP/IP

  • Using SAN Copy to Meet Business Needs

Replication Manager Operations

  • Creating Replicas
  • Mounting and Unmounting Replicas
  • Restoring from a Replica
  • Using Replication Manager CLI

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