Dell EMC PowerScale Disaster Recovery

( Duration: 2 Days )

The PowerScale Disaster Recovery training course is designed to provide advanced details about PowerScaledisaster recovery. The course provides the expertise necessary for an administrator to consider and plan for disasters. It mainly focuses on options and configurations to ensure PowerScale solution continuous availability and disaster recovery within well-defined RPO and RTO targets.

By attending PowerScale Disaster Recovery workshop, attendees will learn to:

  • Explain business continuance and disaster recovery
  • Discuss PowerScaledata protection
  • Understand PowerScale backup and replication options for various RPO and RTO goals
  • Perform a simulated failover and failback test in a lab environment
  • Review the dependencies for a functional PowerScale cluster and how third-party systemsneed DR plans as well

Understanding of:

  • PowerScale scale-out storage platform
  • Basic PowerScale cluster administration tasks
  • PowerScale hardware troubleshooting and maintenance procedures
  • Basic networking skills
  • Network protocols including TCP/IP, DNS, SMB, and NFS
  • Attend a training on PowerStore Implementation and Administration or equivalent practical experience

This course is intended for all audiences



Disaster Recovery Introduction

  • Disasters and Responses
  • Terminology
  • Business Continuity Versus Disaster
  • Disaster Definition
  • Types of Disaster
  • Disaster Resistance
  • PowerScale and Disaster Resistance
  • Disaster Resilience
  • PowerScale and Disaster Resilience
  • Disaster Recovery
  • PowerScale and Disaster Recovery
  • Discussion –Disaster and Responses
  • After Disaster
  • Acceptable Levels of Disruption
  • Hot, Warm, and Cold Sites
  • Minimal Function for Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery Physical Topology –Warm Site
  • PowerScale Disaster Recovery Features
  • Failover Orchestration
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Scenario –Resistance Plan
  • Scenario –Resilience Plan
  • Scenario –Recovery Plan
  • Discussion –After Disaster

Disaster Resilience

  • Protection Levels and Redundancy
  • PowerScale Resiliency
  • OneFSFault Tolerance
  • Protection Levels Review
  • Data Layout Review
  • Neighborhood Review
  • Gen 6 Chassis Failure
  • Quorum
  • Back-end Network Resilience
  • Sizing for Maximum Resilience
  • Safety Margins
  • Data Reprotection
  • SmartFail Overview
  • FlexProtect Overview
  • FlexProtect Impact
  • FlexProtect Priority and Impact Policy
  • Respond, React and Repair
  • Assess Cluster
  • Check Jobs
  • Track Activity
  • Under-protected
  • Under Protected Cluster
  • Data Recovery

Replication and Disaster Recovery

  • Types of Replication
  • PowerScale Data Protection
  • Data Protection Using Snapshots –Overview
  • Snapshots for Backup
  • Snapshots for Replication
  • Initial Synchronization and Incremental Synchronization
  • Data Protection Use Case
  • Two-way Remote Data Protection
  • NDMP Backup Methods for Disaster Recovery
  • Edge to Core to Cloud
  • Large Scale and Global Operations
  • Large Scale Disaster Recovery Challenges
  • Cluster Configuration Data
  • Recommended Folder Structure
  • Initial Synchronize Challenge
  • Initial Synchronize –Local
  • Hub and Spoke –One to Many
  • Hub and Spoke –Many to One
  • Cascading
  • Bandwidth
  • Recovery Point Objective
  • PowerScale and Eyeglass
  • Topology Overview with Superna Eyeglass
  • Configuring with PowerScale
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • NDMP
  • NDMP Backup Overview
  • NDMP Two-way Backup Overview
  • Three-way Backup Overview
  • Using NDMP for Disaster Recovery
  • Data Loss Protection with Direct Access Recovery

Data Protection with SyncIQ

  • SyncIQ Overview
  • SyncIQ –PowerScaleReplication
  • When to Use SyncIQ
  • SyncIQ Capabilities
  • SyncIQ Functional Overview
  • SyncIQ Considerations
  • SyncIQ Limitations
  • SyncIQ Port Usage
  • SyncIQ Replication with SmartLock
  • Replication Policies and Jobs
  • SyncIQ Policies
  • Replication JobOptions
  • User Generated Snapshots
  • SyncIQ Recovery Times and Objective
  • Policy Settings –Source Cluster
  • Policy Settings –Target Cluster
  • Policy Settings –Advanced Settings
  • Managing SyncIQ
  • Local & Remote SyncIQ Replication
  • Failover and Failback
  • Failover and Failback Phases
  • Configuration Preparations
  • SyncIQ Video –Configuring Remote Replication
  • SyncIQ Failover Steps
  • SyncIQ Failover Revert
  • Failbak Steps

Cloud and Virtual Storage Strategies

  • Disaster and Responses
  • Edge Overview
  • Edge Use Cases
  • Edge Data Protection with SYncIQ
  • Installation Requirements
  • Security Considerations
  • Install and Configure Edge Video
  • Cloud Storage Options for PowerScale
  • PowerScale CloudPools Overview
  • CloudPools Use Cases
  • SyncIQ with CloudPools –Target at Pre OneFS 8.0+
  • Deep Copy Configuration
  • ECS Integration with PowerScale
  • Advantages of ECS with PowerScale
  • PowerScale as a Cloud Target
  • Other Cloud Storage Solutions
  • Advantages and Disadvantagesof Public Cloud Storage
  • Creating Cloud Storage Account
  • Edge to Core to Cloud Scenarios
  • Protecting Data in Edge to Core to Cloud
  • Scenario 1 –Data Protection Gap
  • Scenario 2 –Edge SyncIQ Data and Stub Synchronization

Disaster Recovery Plans

  • Disaster Recovery Plan Scenarios
  • Resistance, Resilience, Recovery
  • Site Disaster Recovery Scenarios
  • Lightweight Disaster Recovery Scenario
  • Solution for Lightweight Disaster Recovery
  • Plan to support Lightweight Disaster Recovery
  • Restricted Downtime Scenario
  • Solution for Restricted Downtime
  • Plan to Support Restricted Downtime Requirement
  • No and Very Low Downtime Scenario
  • Solution for Low Downtime
  • PowerScale Configuration to Support Requirement
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Designing a Disaster Recovery Plan Group Discussion

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