PostgreSQL DBA

( Duration: 3 Days )

This PostgreSQL DBA training course covers the tasks that a database administrator faces daily, starting from basic operations to advanced techniques.

By attending PostgreSQL DBA workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages PostgreSQL DBA has over other databases
  • Install PostgreSQL DBA on a linux / unix platform
  • Perform basic configuration, including user setup, db design, monitoring, and logging

Experienced Developers and Administrators wanting to have a production-quality command of PostgreSQL DBA.



Getting Started with PostgreSQL DBA

  • Installation
  • Architectural Fundamentals
  • Creating a database
  • Accessing a database

Review of the SQL Language

  • Concepts
  • Creating Tables
  • Populating Tables
  • Querying
  • Joins
  • Functions

Advanced Features

  • Views
  • Foreign Keys
  • Transactions
  • Window Functions
  • Inheritence

Overview of PostgreSQL DBA internals


Installation from Source

  • Requirements
  • Getting the source
  • Upgrading
  • Installation Procedure
  • Post-installation

Server Setup and Operation

  • The PostgreSQL DBA user account
  • Creating a Database cluster
  • Starting the Database server
  • Managing kernel resources
  • Shutting down the server
  • Securing the server

Server Configuration

  • Parameters
  • File locations
  • Connections and Authentication
  • Resource consumption
  • Error reporting and logging
  • Runtime statitistics
  • Vacuuming
  • Versioning and Lock management

Managing Databases

  • Creating databases
  • Template databases
  • Database configuration
  • Destroying a database
  • Tablespaces

Routing Maintenance Tasks

  • Routine Vacuuming
  • Routine reindexing
  • Log file maintenance

Backup and Restore

  • SQL Dump
  • File system level backup
  • Continuous archiving
  • Warm standby servers

Monitoring DB Activity

  • Unix tools
  • Statistics collector
  • Viewing locks
  • Dynamic tracing

PostgreSQL DBA Internals

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