MongoDB for Python Developers

( Duration: 3 Days )

This MongoDB for Python Developers Training course is for Python developers who are planning to build and design applications using MongoDB. This course covers data modeling, queries and insert/update/deletes, an introduction to Map Reduce and basic administration. This course also covers the basics of MongoDB architecture including journaling, autosharding, and replica sets with guidelines on when to use and not use these features.

By attending MongoDB for Python Developers workshop, Participants will gain:

  • Ability to implement a MongoDB solution from a developer standpoint and understand the architecture well enough to avoid common mistakes.

  • Python programming language.




  • Introduction to NoSQL Architecture with MongoDB
  • How does MongoDB compare to other NoSQL solutions and to traditional databases
  • MongoDB a gateway drug to NoSQL
  • Caveats and Problems that MongoDB is not good at solving
  • The sweet-spot for MongoDB
  • Installing and setting up MongoDB

Working with Database, Collections, Document, Fields

  • Using the console
  • Introduction to MongoDB commands
  • Creating a Database, Collection and Documents
  • Simple Querying
  • Understanding and working with indexes

Architecture Deep Dive

  • Working with Replica Sets
  • What is the simplest setup to get started
  • Working with Journaling
  • Understanding data safety versus throughput tradeoffs
  • Autosharding: who should use it and tradeoffs
  • Massively scaling MongoDB
  • Know your application and don’t kill a flea with a sledge hammer

Using the MongoDB Aggregation Framework


Using Map Reduce with MongoDB


Python and MongoDB

  • Setting up MongoDB and Python (pymongo)
  • Working with Databases and Collections
  • Creating documents
  • Performing queries
  • Working with aggregation API

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