MariaDB for Developers

( Duration: 5 Days )

MariaDB is one of the most popular database servers and it has been developed by the original developers of MySQL. MariaDB is open source and as a relational database it provides SQL interface for data access.

MariaDB for Developers training course is designed particularly for MariaDB Developers. The course provides a complete understanding of a MariaDB (or MySQL) database with practical experience of using SQL commands.

Features of MariaDB:

  • MariaDB is open source.
  • Security releases are more transparent and quick.
  • Migration is easy and highly compatible.
  • Improved performance and is radically faster than MySQL

By attending MariaDB for Developers workshop, attendees will learn:

  • Basics of MariaDB and Installation of MariaDB.
  • Database structures in MariaDB.
  • Functions in MariaDB.
  • Data handling in MariaDB.

  • This course is most helpful for Application Developers and IT Developers. Benefits include ability to build applications, data handling and understanding concepts of Database structures in MariaDB.



The Software Installation

  • Installing MYSQL and MariaDB
    • The installation Packages
    • Licensing
    • Finding the software
    • Choosing a Distribution
    • The_AMP Alternatives
    • Post installation
  • The Basics and the mysqlClient
    • The mysql Client
    • Connecting to the server
    • Starting to explore Databases

The Database Structures used in MariaDB

  • Creating Databases and Tables
    • Creating a Database
    • Create tables
    • Inserting the data
  • Altering tables
    • Prudence when altering table
    • Essential changes
    • Optional changes
    • Indexes

Basics on handling data

  • Inserting data
    • The syntax
    • Real-time examples
    • Other possibilities
  • Selecting data
    • Basic selection
    • Selecting by criteria
    • Ordering results
    • Limiting results
    • Combining tables
    • Expressions and the like
    • Counting and grouping results
  • Updating and deleting data
    • Updating data
    • Deleting the data
  • Joining and Subquerying Data
    • Merging Results
    • Joining Tables
    • Subqueries

Builtin functions

  • String Functions
    • Formatting Strings
    • Extracting Text
    • Searching Strings and Using Lengths
    • Converting String Types
    • Compression String
  • Date and Time Functions
    • Date and Time Data types
    • Current Date and Time
    • Extracting Date and Time components
    • Formatting dates
    • Adjusting to standards and TimeZones
    • Adding and subtracting Dates and Time
    • Comparing Dates and times
  • Aggregate and Numeric Functions
    • Aggregate functions
    • Numeric functions

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