Red Hat Server Hardening

( Duration: 4 Days )

Red Hat Server Hardening training course provides strategies for addressing specific policy and configuration concerns.

By attending Red Hat Server Hardening workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • Review errata and apply them to Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Use special permissions and file system access control lists
  • Manage users and password-aging policy requirements
  • Install and configure Red Hat Identity Management tools
  • System auditing

  • RHCE certification, Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator (RHCSA) certification, or equivalent experience required.

  • Those who need technical guidance on how to enhance the security of Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems
  • Anyone who is responsible for implementing security policy requirements on Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems consistently and in a reproducible, scalable way
  • Those who must be able to demonstrate that systems meet security policy requirements
  • Anyone who maintains continued adherence to security requirements, including management of security-critical operating system/software updates



Manage Software Updates

  • Develop a process for applying updates to systems, including verifying properties of the update

Create File Systems

  • Allocate an advanced file system layout, and use file system encryption

Manage File Systems

  • Adjust file system properties through security-related options and file system attributes

Manage Special Permissions

  • Work with set user ID (SUID), set group ID (SGID), and sticky (SVTX) permissions, and locate files with these permissions enabled

Manage Additional File Access Controls

  • Modify default permissions applied to files and directories, and work with file access control lists

Monitor for File System Changes

  • Configure software to monitor the files on your machine for changes

Manage User Accounts

  • Set password-aging properties for users; audit user accounts

Manage Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAMs)

  • Apply changes to PAMs to enforce different types of rules on users

Secure Console Access

  • Adjust properties for various console services to enable or disable settings based on security

Install Central Authentication

  • Install and configure a Red Hat Identity Management server and client

Manage Central Authentication

  • Configure Red Hat Identity Management rules to control both user access to client systems and additional privileges granted to users on those systems

Configure System Logging

  • Configure remote logging to use transport layer encryption, and manage additional logs generated by remote systems

Configure System Auditing

  • Enable and configure system auditing

Control Access To Network Services

  • Manage firewall rules to limit connectivity to network services

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