Embedded Linux Security

( Duration: 5 Days )

Linux is being used in an increasing number of embedded devices including smart building and energy devices, set-top-boxes, automotive in-vehicle infotainment, WiFi routers and home gateways, smart meters, industrial monitoring equipment and even domestic white goods. Increasingly these devices are being connected to networks and this can leave them vulnerable to remote attacks that can result in brand damage, financial liabilities, product returns and even safety issues.

The course focuses on the capabilities and features that Linux provides to protect against security attacks and their application. "Hardening" Linux systems to make them more resistant to attack is possible and is something that should be performed for every connected product. This Embedded Linux Security training course covers three aspects of system hardening:

  • Hardening the Linux operating system itself
  • Protecting applications running under Linux
  • Running applications in sandboxes

By attending Embedded Linux Security workshop, attendees will learn to:

  • Understand security requirements and what needs to be protected
  • Analysing the system and software architecture with respect to security
  • Understanding how systems are attacked
  • Hardening the software environment to resist commonly used attacks
  • Restricting access to and from the network
  • Protecting sensitive data on the filesystem

Knowledge of:

  • Linux kernel configuration
  • Linux/Unix command line
  • Embedded Systems Developers who need to determine and secure the vulnerabilities in their system design.



Security fundamentals


The Secure Software Development Lifecycle


Common attacks and mitigations


Booting a Linux System


Linux Kernel Security


Securing the runtime environment


Information security


Application partitioning


Linux Security Modules


Security testing and release control


Developing and building secure software


Open Source Software


Network security

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