Web Technologies (110 Courses)


Adobe ColdFusion Adobe DreamWeaver
Adobe Flash Adobe Flex
Adobe Web Design

Ajax, DOJO & JQuery

Ajax AJAX and jQuery
Ajax and Web 2.0 Development with WebSphere Application Server AJAX for Java Developers
JQuery JQuery + HTML5 + CSS3
JQuery and Jquery UI JQuery Mobile
jQuery Mobile and Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) jQuery with ASP.Net
Mastering AJAX for ASP.NET Web Development with Yahoo User Interface & AJAX

Apache & Open Source Tools

Akka Framework Akka with Scala
Apache Avro & Apache Zookeeper Apache Nutch
Apache Wicket Entity Framework in Depth
Google Web Toolkit (GWT) Neo4j
Osgi & Apache Felix Perl
Play Framework Web App Development with Nancy and Simple.Data

Content Management

Drupal Joomla
Joomla - SEO Magento - Administration
Magento - Essentials WordPress Development

extJS, JavaScript & Groovy

AngularJS BackboneJS
Bootstrap EmberJS
ExtJS Groovy
JavaScript JavaScript & jQuery


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) 3 Cross Platform Responsive Web Development
CSS3 for Responsive Web Design Designing Websites for Mobile Devices
HTML5 and CSS3 Essentials HTML5 for Mobile Applications Development
HTML5 Mobile Essentials HTML5 WebSockets Application Development
Responsive Web Deisgn Web Development Boot Camp
Web Fundamentals and Design XHTML


AJAX for Java Developers Building AJAX Applications with Advanced JavaScript Techniques
Building JEE Web Applications ECMAScript
ICEfaces with JSF Java Server Faces 2.0
Java Web Developer RIA Development using Java Web Start
Securing Web Applications with Spring Security Spring MVC
Spring Web Flow


Developing Web Applications using VSTS Mastering AJAX for ASP.NET
MS Expression Web MS Silverlighte


Laravel PHP - Advanced
PHP and mySQL PHP with Drupal
Unit testing with PHPUnit

Social Media

Digital Analytics and Conversion Professional Google AdWords
Google Analytics Google Marketing
Internet Business Implementation, Twitter and Blogs Internet Business Strategy
OMCP (Online Marketing Certified Professional ) Paid Search Professional
Pay Per Click Marketing Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization Search Marketing Professional
Social Media Business Social Media Marketing
Social Media Optimization and Analytics Tactics Social Media Website Building
Social Media Widgets and Integration Web Analytics


Testing Mobile Web Applications Testing Web Applications


Cross Platform Mobile Development Developing dynamic web sites using LAMP

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