OpenText (199 Courses)

ApplicationXtender (AX)

OpenText ApplicationXtender Administration OpenText ApplicationXtender & Full-Text Indexing with Documentum xPlore
OpenText ApplicationXtender Reports Management OpenText ApplicationXtender Workflow Manager

Assure & MBPM

OpenText Assure Case Management - Administration OpenText Assure Case Management - Fundamentals
OpenText MBPM - Administration OpenText MBPM - Business Analyst
OpenText MBPM - Delta OpenText MBPM - Developer

Captiva Capture

OpenText Captiva - Advanced Recognition OpenText Captiva - Designer
OpenText Captiva - Developer OpenText Captiva - Fundamentals and Administration
OpenText Captiva - Mobile Toolkit

Collections Server

OpenText Collections Server - Database Administration (DBA) OpenText Collections Server - System Administration on Linux/UNIX
OpenText Collections Server - System Administration on Windows Thesaurus Database Administration
Webtop Administration

Content Analytics & Semantic Navigation

OpenText Content Analytics - Essentials OpenText Content Analytics (OTCA) - Manager
OpenText Content Analytic - System Administration OpenText Semantic Navigation - Document Ingestion
OpenText Semantic Navigation - Engine & Management Console OpenText Semantic Navigation - Essentials
OpenText Semantic Navigation - Ingestion & Broker Configuration OpenText Semantic Navigation - Presentation Framework
OpenText Semantic Navigation - System Administration OpenText Semantic Strategy

Content Server

Opentext Content Server - ActiveView OpenText Content Server - Business Administration
Opentext Content Server - Collaborating Opentext Content Server - Connected Workspaces
Opentext Content Server - Forms Design OpenText Content Server - IDE (CSIDE)
OpenText Content Server - Installation & Configuration Opentext Content Server - Logging & Troubleshooting
Opentext Content Server - Managing Documents OpenText Content Server - REST API & Content Web Service
Opentext Content Server - Schema & Report Fundamentals OpenText Content Server - System Administration
Content Server - WebReports Design Opentext Content Server - Workflow Design


Cordys - Administration Cordys - Business Activity Monitoring
Cordys - Case Management Cordys - Cloud Provisioning
Cordys - Developing Services Cordys - Developing User Interfaces
Cordys for Business Analysts

Customer Experience Management

OpenText Document Sciences - xPression Administration OpenText Document Sciences - xPression xDesign
OpenText Document Sciences - xPresso for Word OpenText Explore - Installation & Configuration
OpenText Explore - End User OpenText LiquidOffice
OpenText MediaBin - Administration OpenText MediaBin - End User
OpenText Media Management - Developer OpenText Media Management - Implementing
OpenText TeamSite - Component Development OpenText TeamSite - System Administration
Using OpenText TeamSite OpenText TeleForm - Essentials
Using OpenText Tempo Social OpenText Tempo Social - Administration
OpenText Tempo Social - Customizing Development

Discovery Server

OpenText Discovery Server - Database Administration OpenText Discovery Server - Java Toolkit
OpenText Discovery Server - System Administration


OpenText Documentum - Capital Projects Administration OpenText Documentum - D2 Configuration
OpenText Documentum - System Administration OpenText Documentum - Technical Fundamentals
OpenText Documentum Life Sciences - Fundamentals OpenText Documentum Life Sciences - Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF)
OpenText Documentum Life Sciences - Quality and Manufacturing (Documentum Q&M) OpenText Documentum Life Sciences - Research and Development (Documentum R&D)
OpenText Documentum Life Sciences - Submission Store & View


OpenText EnCase - Building an Investigation OpenText EnCase - Digital Forensics Essentials
OpenText EnCase - eDiscovery OpenText EnCase - Endpoint Administration
OpenText EnCase - Endpoint Investigation OpenText EnCase - Endpoint Security
OpenText EnCase - EnScript Programming OpenText EnCase - Host Intrusion Methodology and Investigation
OpenText EnCase - Internet-based Investigation OpenText EnCase - Macintosh Examinations
OpenText EnCase - Mobile Device Examinations OpenText EnCase - NTFS Examinations
OpenText EnCase - Windows Artifacts Advanced Analysis

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

OpenText Archive Center - Installation & Administration OpenText Server - Administration
OpenText Auto-Classification OpenText Auto-Classification - Working with Models
OpenText Capture Center OpenText Document Management using eDOCS DM
OpenText Records Management using eDOCS RM Using OpenText eDOCS DM
OpenText Directory Services (OTDS) - Installation & Configuration OpenText Email Archiving - Lotus Notes Administration
OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering OpenText Extended ECM for MS Office 365 & SharePoint
OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions OpenText InfoArchive Fundamentals
OpenText Kazeon eDiscovery Administration OpenText Physical Objects
OpenText Records Management OpenText System Center Manager (OTSCM)


OpenText Exstream Communications Processing Using Communications Server OpenText Exstream Communications Server - Essentials
OpenText Exstream Communications Center - Document Automation & Post Processing OpenText Exstream Communications Server - System Administration
OpenText Exstream - Designer OpenText Exstream - System Administration
OpenText Exstream Empower - Administration OpenText Exstream Empower - Designing Documents


Livelink WCM Content Server - Administration Livelink WCM Content Server - Developer
Livelink WCM Content Server - Essentials Livelink WCM Content Server - Search
Livelink WCM Presentation Server - Project Manager Livelink WCM Presentation Server - Webmaster
Livelink WCM Presentation Server - Site Manager


OpenText Magellan - Analytics Designer OpenText Magellan - Cognitive Strategy
OpenText Magellan - Data Discovery Administration OpenText Magellan - Data Discovery qLoader
OpenText Magellan - Fundamentals OpenText Magellan - Managing BI & Reporting System
OpenText InfoFusion/Discovery Suite - Systems Administration OpenText InfoFusion - ECM Object Migrations
OpenText InfoFusion Integration - Foundation OpenText InfoFusion Integration Center - Boot Camp

MIM Manager

OpenText MIM Manager for CICS OpenText MIM Managed File Transfer - Fundamentals
OpenText MIM Integration - Fundamentals OpenText MIM Manager Managed File Transfer + WebSphere MQ


OpenText ProVision - Business Architecture OpenText ProVision - Discrete Event Simulation
OpenText ProVision - Fundamentals OpenText ProVision - IT Modeling


OpenText Qfiniti - Application Setup & Design OpenText Qfiniti - Help Desk
OpenText Qfiniti - Survey OpenText Qfiniti Advise - Design

SAP Solutions

OpenText EFM for SAP Solutions - Boot Camp OpenText Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors
OpenText Imaging Clients OpenText Invoice Capture Center (ICC) - Bootcamp
SAP Portal Content Management (PCM) by OpenText Configuration and Administration SAP Portal Site Management (PSM) by OpenText Configuration and Administration
OpenText SAP Solutions - Business Center Administration OpenText SAP Solutions - Business Center Foundation
OpenText SAP Solutions - Custumizing Doculink OpenText SAP Solutions - Document Archiving
OpenText Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) for SAP Solutions


OpenText StreamServe - Document Automation & Post Processing OpenText StreamServe - Fundamentals
OpenText StreamServe - Installation & System Administration OpenText StreamServe - StoryTeller QuickStart

Transactional Content Processing

OpenText Transactional Content Processing - Administration & Configuration OpenText Transactional Content Processing - Baseline
OpenText Transactional Content Processing - Essentials OpenText Transactional Content Processing - Modeling
OpenText Transactional Content Processing - Programming


OpenText - Vignette Consultant Vignette Case Manager Foundation - Configuring Business Processes
Vignette Case Manager - System Administration Vignette Collection Manager Foundation - Configuring Collections
Vignette Integrated Document - Foundation Vignette Integrated Document - System Administration
Vignette Record Manager - Configuring the File Plan

Web Experience Management and Portal

Managing OpenText Portal - Server and Sites OpenText Portal - System Administration
OpenText Portal - Developing Java Standard Portlets OpenText Web Experience Management - Content Delivery Development
Web Experience Management - Essentials OpenText Web Experience Management - Managing Content
OpenText Web Experience Management - System Administration

Web Site Management

OpenText Web Site Management Server - Navigation Manager OpenText Web Site Management Server - Project Manager
OpenText Web Site Management Delivery Server - System Administration OpenText Web Site Management Delivery Server - Project Builder


Opentext Application Integrator OpenText Axcelerate - Data Processing
OpenText Axcelerate - Review & Analysis OpenText BizManager - Transformation Mapper
OpenText BizManager - User OpenText Federated Query Server
OpenText Output Transformation OpenText TrustedLink Enterprise - Essentials
Production Imaging (DocManager) NT/Unix Production Imaging (ImageCapture) AS400
VIP Workflow Manager Vista Plus Pro - Application Administrator
Vista Plus Pro - System Administrator

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