ETL / BI (235 Courses)


Cognos Analytic Applications - Configure Financial Performance Content Cognos Analytic Applications - Configure Procurement Content
Cognos Analytic Applications - Configure Sales Content Cognos Finance - Application Administration
IBM Cognos - BI Framework Manager IBM Cognos - Configure and Extend Analytic Models
IBM Cognos - Design and Develop Modes in Performance Modeler IBM Cognos - Metadata Modelers
IBM Cognos - Planning Analyst IBM Cognos - SDK for Developers
IBM Cognos - XBRL Tagging IBM Cognos A-Apps - Introduction to Adaptive Warehouse
IBM Cognos BI - Manage BI Projects IBM Cognos BI - Supplement for Metadata Modelers
IBM Cognos BI Administration IBM Cognos BI Administration - Architecture and Logging
IBM Cognos BI Analysis Studio IBM Cognos BI PowerPlay - Administration
IBM Cognos Business A-Apps IBM Cognos Business Viewpoint
IBM Cognos Business Viewpoint - Administer Business Viewpoint IBM Cognos Business Viewpoint - Manage Dimensions and Data
IBM Cognos Controller IBM Cognos Controller - Author Reports
IBM Cognos Controller - Developer IBM Cognos Cube Designer
IBM Cognos Data Manager IBM Cognos Disclosure Management SPVC
IBM Cognos Express IBM Cognos Express - Analyze Data with Advisor
IBM Cognos Express - Reporter IBM Cognos Express Xcelerator - Navigating Data
IBM Cognos Financial Statement Reporting IBM Cognos Framework Manager - Design Metadata Models
IBM Cognos FSR - XBRL Detailed Tagging IBM Cognos ICM - Advanced Configuration
IBM Cognos ICM - Build Reports IBM Cognos ICM - Building the Model
IBM Cognos ICM - Fundamentals of Configuration IBM Cognos ICM - System Administration
IBM Cognos ICM (Incentive Compensation Management) IBM Cognos Insight - Analyze and Share Data
IBM Cognos Metric Studio IBM Cognos Planning Analyst - Build Models
IBM Cognos Planning Contributor - Develop Applications IBM Cognos PowerPlay Client
IBM Cognos PowerPlay Client - Explore and Build Reports IBM Cognos PowerPlay Studio - Web Exploration
IBM Cognos Query Studio IBM Cognos Report Studio
IBM Cognos Statistics IBM Cognos TM1 - Administer the Technical Environment
IBM Cognos TM1 - Analyze and Share Data IBM Cognos TM1 - Create Scorecards
IBM Cognos TM1 - Design and Develop Models in Architect IBM Cognos TM1 - Design and Develop Modes in Performance Modeler
IBM Cognos Transformer IBM Cognos Transformer - Design OLAP Models
IBM Cognos Workspace - Author Self-Service Reports IBM InfoSphere DataStage
IBM PureData System for Analytics


ETL on Hadoop for Data Warehousing Informatica B2B - Data Exchange, Developer
Informatica B2B - Data Transformation, Developer Informatica Data Analyst
Informatica Data Explorer Informatica Data Quality - Administration
Informatica Data Quality - Analyst Informatica Data Quality - Developer
Informatica Data Services (IDS) Informatica Developer Tool - ETL
Informatica Developer Tool - Profiling Informatica Identity Resolution - Administration
Informatica Data Quality - Developer Informatica MDM - Administration
Informatica MDM - Configuring Hierarchy Manager Informatica MDM - Configuring Multidomain Edition
Informatica Metadata Manager Informatica PowerCenter - Administration
Informatica PowerCenter - Advanced Developer Informatica PowerCenter - Developer
Informatica PowerCenter - Operations and Support Informatica PowerExchange
MDM - Configuring Informatica Data Director MDM - Using Informatica Data Director
PIM 7 - Export PIM 7 - Media Manager
PIM 7 - SDK PIM 7 - User/Admin
PowerExchange for Oracle CDC Test Data Management - Data Subset & Data Masking


Administering Jaspersoft BI Developing Reports with Jaspersoft iReport Designer
Embedding Jaspersoft BI JasperReports Server Essentials
Jaspersoft Jaspersoft BI
Jaspersoft Technical


BI with SQL Server 2012 Data Mining with SQL Server 2012
DataWarehousing with MS SQL Server 2012 Designing BI Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2012
MS Business Intelligence (MSBI) MS SSRS Essentials


Deploying MicroStrategy High Performance BI Implementing MicroStrategy Development and Deployment
MicroStrategy Administration Configuration and Security MicroStrategy Administrator
MicroStrategy Advanced Data Warehousing MicroStrategy Application Management Administration
MicroStrategy Architect Advanced Project Design MicroStrategy Architect Project Design
MicroStrategy Data Mining and Advanced Analytics MicroStrategy Desktop Advanced Reporting
MicroStrategy Desktop Reporting Essentials MicroStrategy Desktop Reporting Scenarios
MicroStrategy Developer MicroStrategy Engine Essentials
MicroStrategy Freeform SQL Essentials MicroStrategy Mobile for Application Developers
MicroStrategy Office Essentials MicroStrategy Report Services Document Essentials
MicroStrategy Report Services Dynamic Dashboards MicroStrategy Transaction Services for Dashboard and Mobile App Developers
MicroStrategy Visual Insight MicroStrategy Web Essentials
MicroStrategy Web for Professionals MicroStrategy Web for Reporters and Analysts
MicroStrategy Web SDK Customization MicroStrategy Web SDK Customizing Security
MicroStrategy Web SDK Portal Integration Pega 7


Hyperion Account Reconciliation Manager Administration OBIEE Build Repositories
OBIEE Reports and Dashboards Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management Administration
Oracle Hyperion Disclosure Management - Create XBRL Documents Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management Administration


Advanced Pentaho Business Analytics Integrating and Extending Pentaho
Pentaho Administration Pentaho Agile BI
Pentaho Big Data - Essentials Pentaho Business Analytics - Fundamentals
Pentaho Business Analytics Data Modeling Pentaho Business Analytics Report Designer
Pentaho Business Analytics User Console Pentaho Data Integration and Big Data
Pentaho Data Integration for Databases Pentaho for Business Users


QlikView Administration QlikView Application Design
Qlikview Developer - Advanced QlikView Developer Essentials
QlikView Fundamentals QlikView Structuring & Manipulating Data


Accessing SAS from Microsoft Office Applications Creating BI Dashboards Using SAS
Creating Information Maps Using SAS Creating Stored Processes Using SAS
DataFlux Data Management Studio - Advanced DataFlux Data Management Studio - Essentials
DataFlux Web Studio Designing, Tuning, and Maintaining SAS OLAP Cubes
Developing Applications with SAS/AF Software JMP Software - Data Exploration
Personalizing the SAS Information Delivery Portal SAS Clinical Data Integration - Administration
SAS Data Integration Studio - Essentials SAS Drug Development for Managing Projects, Analyses, and Users
SAS Enterprise - Querying and Reporting SAS Fraud Framework - Implementing the SAS Social Network Analysis Interface
SAS Fraud Framework - Using the SAS Financial Crimes Monitor Interface SAS Merchandise Planning for Solution Administrators
SAS Platform Administration - Metadata Administration SAS Platform Administration - Middle Tier Administration
SAS Platform Administration - System Administration SAS Strategy Management - Building and Managing a Scorecard Strategy
SAS Visual Analytics - Administering a Distributed Deployment SAS Visual Analytics - Administering a Non-Distributed Deployment on Linux
SAS Visual Analytics - Administering a Non-Distributed Deployment on Windows SAS Visual Analytics - Using SAS Visual Data Builder
Using SAS Client Applications with SAS Grid Manager Using SAS OLAP Cubes to Create Multidimensional Reports
Using SAS Web Report Studio


Tableau Administration Tableau Advanced
Tableau Basics Tableau Desktop
Tableau Developer Tableau Server Comprehensive
Tableau Server Essentials Tableau Visual Analytics


Talend BigData Components Talend Component Creation
Talend Enterprise Data Integration Talend Enterprise Data Integration - Admin
Talend Enterprise ESB Talend Enterprise MDM
Talend Open Studio for Data Quality Talend Open Studio MDM
Talend Studio Basics


Teradata - Essentials Teradata Application Development
Teradata Architecture Teradata Database Administration
Teradata Designer Teradata FSLDM
Teradata Physical Implementation Teradata SQL
Teradata SQL - Advanced Teradata Utilities


Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) - Essentials Actuate BIRT
Apache Cassandra Apache CouchDB
Actuate BIRT iServer System Actuate JavaScript API
BI (ETL / Data Warehouse) Testing Business Analytics with R
Data Mining Data Science for Big Data Analytics - Essentials
Dataflux Datawatch Modeler
Designing an Effective Data Warehouse Designing BIRT Dashboards
Developing Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) Applications ETL Testing Essentials
FICO Blaze Advisor Pervasive
R Analytics SAP BI
SAP Business Objects Developer SAP Business Warehouse - Implementation
SAP Business Warehouse - User

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