Data Science / Artificial Intelligence (102 Courses)

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence - Essentials Artificial Intelligence for Human Resource
Artificial Intelligence for Logistics Artificial Intelligence for the Enterprise

Computer Vision

Computer Vision - Essentials Computer Vision with Tensorflow
Computer Vision with OpenCV

Deep Learning

Deep Learning with Apache MXNet Deep Learning with Caffe
Deep Learning with Fast.ai Deep Learning with FPGA and OpenVINO
Deep Learning with Java Deep Learning with Keras
Deep Learning for Image Classification with Keras Deep Learning with Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit
Deep Learning with Python Deep Learning with PyTorch
Deep Learning with R Deep Learning with TensorFlow
Pattern Recognition with Deep Learning Deep Learning - Essentials
Medical Image Analysis with Deep Learning Deep Learning for Intelligent Video Analytics

Machine Learning

Building Machine Learning Web Apps with Tensorflow.js HealthCare Data Analysis with Machine Learning
Machine Learning With Apache Spark Machine Learning with Core ML
Machine Learning with Excel Machine Learning with H2O.ai
Machine Learning With MATLAB Machine Learning With Orange
Machine Learning With Python Machine Learning With R
Machine Learning With Scala Machine Learning With Scikit-Learn
Machine Learning with TensorFlow Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform
Machine Learning for Network Security Machine Learning Systems for Hardware/IoT
Machine Learning for Business Professionals Machine Learning Foundations
Machine Learning with Apache PredictionIO

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) with NLTK Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Python
Natural Language Processing (NLP) with R Natural Language Processing (NLP) with spaCy
Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Tensorflow

Quantum Computing

IBM Quantum Experience Quantum Computing with Cirq
Quantum Computing Essentials Quantum Computing with Microsoft QDK and Q#
Quantum Physics and Maths for Quantum Computing Quantum Machine Learning with Tensorflow Quantum


Build AI ChatBot with Chatfuel Build Chatbots Using Google Dialogflow
Build Chatbots using Python Build AI ChatBot with Rasa Stack
Building Conversational UIs with Neural Networks

Open Source / Freeware Frameworks/Libraries

Apache OpenNLP Apache Singa
Converse AI Keras - Sequential Data Modeling
Orange - Predictive Analytics Orange - Text Mining
PyTorch - Deep Reinforcement PyTorch - Generative Models
PyTorch - Predictive Modeling PyTorch - Sequential Data Modeling
Splunk for Analytics and Data Science

Vendor Products

Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning and AI Amazon SageMaker
AWS - Machine Learning Big Data, Data Science and AI in SQL Server 2019
Cloud Data Science With Azure Machine Learning Deep Learning on AWS
HPE Ezmeral Machine Learning Operations IBM SPSS Modeler - Data Science
IBM SPSS Modeler - Machine Learning Models Microsoft Azure AI Solutions - Designing and Implementing
Microsoft Azure - Machine Learning Studio Microsoft Azure - Machine Learning Studio with Python
Microsoft Azure - Machine Learning Studio with R Integration MS SQL Server Analysis Services & Excel - Predictive Analytics
Oracle Machine Learning with Autonomous Database SAP Predictive Analytics

Data Science / Analytics

Data Science - Essentials Data Science for Big Data Analytics - Essentials
Data Analysis and Visualization with R Data Visualisation with R
Apache Spark for Data Scientists Designing and Implementing an Azure Data Science Solution
GeoSpatial Data Analysis with Python Python for Data Scientists
Data Science with Python Statistical Analysis in Data Science Using Python
Python for Data Analysis


Bayesian Inference with R Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) - Essentials
Reinforcement Learning - Essentials Text Mining with R
Data Mining with Rattle Neural Network Programming with TensorFlow
Building Recommendation Systems with Python Node-RED
Statistical Analysis with Jamovi Naive Bayes
Data Engineering Decision Analysis - Essentials
Halcon - Essentials Graylog

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