CA Workload Automation EE

( Duration: 3 Days )

The CA Workload Automation EE training course provides with the basic skills required to monitor and manage cross-platform workloads and enterprise-wide schedules. Delegates will be taught how to create and customize applications, monitor and control workflow, and create procedures to perform complex processing. They will also apply variables to create standard reusable processes and create alerts to determine responses to a set of workload conditions.

By attending CA Workload Automation EE workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • Monitor and control workflow, managing exceptions and modifying the workflow in real time
  • Customize applications to control jobs and automate job flows using procedures
  • Create user-defined variables to create standard reusable processes, increasing efficiency and reducing maintenance
  • Monitor workload processing and create alert notifications to determine the appropriate automated response to each condition
  • Create resources to help control workflow
  • Generate reports to extract information about the success of the business

  • A basic understanding of IBM Time Sharing Option (TSO) or Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF)
  • A basic knowledge and understanding of how jobs are scheduled in a production environment

  • Job Schedulers
  • Job Management Service Managers
  • System Administrators
  • Data Administrators



Describe CA Workload Automation EE

  • Describe the Architecture
  • Identify the Terminology
  • Identify the Features

Create Events

  • Describe Events
  • Work With Events

Create Applications

  • Describe an Application
  • Identify Job Types
  • Identify Relationships Between Jobs
  • Identify Run Criteria

Work With Procedures

  • Describe the Purpose of a CA Workload Automation EE Procedure
  • Perform Complex Processing Using Control Language and Built-in Functions

Automate Your Workload

  • Apply Built-in Variables
  • Create User-defined Variables
  • Create Customized Time References

Apply Resources

  • Classify Resources
  • Apply Resources to Jobs

Customize Applications

  • Define Jobs
  • Automate Job Workloads with Applications
  • Create Time Dependencies
  • Create Condition Codes
  • Review Critical Path Processing

Monitor Workload

  • Work with the Workload Director
  • Monitor Jobs

Control Workload

  • Monitor Applications
  • Monitor Sub Applications
  • Control Jobs, Applications, and Sub Applications

Process Alerts

  • Process Alerts

Create Reports

  • Determine Available Report Options
  • Generate History and Scheduled Activity Reports

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