CA Service Operations Insight

( Duration: 4 Days )

The CA Service Operations Insight training course helps Participants to overcome the challenges involved in unifying the health and availability information from the domain management tools and aligning it with the IT services. Through exercises and labs, in this course, they will be taught how to configure out-of-the-box integrations with several CA products and some third-party applications, and add integrations to extend the solution.

By attending CA Service Operations Insight workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • Describe CA SOI, including the concepts, architecture, implementation options, and process, to meet your business requirements
  • Analyze a corporate environment to determine the CA SOI objectives
  • Properly install CA SOI in your network
  • Configure CA SOI options, including CA Embedded Entitlements Manager (CA EEM) single sign-on (SSO), email, CA Service Desk Manager, Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP) settings, client options, and reporting
  • Customize the Operations Console and work with service models to establish an escalation policy
  • Respond to and manage source events and the resultant alerts
  • Implement service level agreements (SLAs) and maintenance schedules
  • Monitor customer impact and take appropriate actions
  • Configure role-based security for users and groups
  • Monitor services and alerts using the Mobile UI

  • Basic knowledge of the Windows Server operating system
  • Working knowledge of fundamental networking concepts
  • Basic knowledge of one or more infrastructure domain managers such as CA NSM, CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager, CA CMDB, or CA eHealth

  • Administrators
  • Operators
  • Application Developers
  • Business Analysts



Define CA SOI

  • Describe CA SOI
  • Describe the CA SOI Architecture
  • Identify CA SOI Concepts
  • Describe Device Correlation
  • Describe the CA SOI UIs
  • Describe the CA SOI Process

Define CA SOI Deployment Options

  • Describe the CA SOI deployment options

Implement CA SOI

  • Analyze the Corporate Environment
  • Install CA SOI
  • Install Connectors
  • Control CA SOI Component Services

Configure CA SOI

  • Configure CA SOI

Employ the Operations Console

  • View the Operations Console Panes
  • Customize the Operations Console
  • Run Locator Searches

Work with Service Models

  • Describe Service Models
  • Import Services
  • Configure Service Definitions

Work with Service Discovery

  • Describe the Service Discovery Architecture
  • Navigate the SD Policy Editor
  • Define Dynamic Service Policy
  • Define Automatic Relationship Policy
  • Define Unmanaged Relationship Policy
  • Employ Service Discovery Command Line Operations
  • Identify Service Discovery Status

Work with Event Management

  • Describe Event Management
  • Define Event Management Policy
  • Configure Event Management

Respond to Alerts

  • View Alert Information
  • Manage Alerts
  • Manage Alert Queues
  • Manage Alert Tables

Manage Service Health

  • Define an Escalation Policy
  • Schedule Maintenance
  • Define SLAs

Employ Customer Views

  • Create and Manage Customers
  • Assign Services to Customers
  • Secure Customers by assigning User Groups
  • View Customer Metrics

Configure Role-based Security

  • Define a User Group
  • Configure User Groups

Implement Reporting

  • Manage Reports

Employ the Service Dashboard

  • Navigate the Dashboard
  • Customize the Dashboard

Employ the Mobile UI

  • Describe the Mobile UI layout
  • Navigate Services on the Mobile UI
  • Navigate Alert Queues on the Mobile UI
  • Configure Mobile UI favorites
  • Deploy the Mobile UI

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