CA PPM - Studio

( Duration: 5 Days )

This CA PPM - Studio training course is a bundle of the following Studio courses: CA PPM - Objects, Attributes, and Views Using Studio, CA PPM - Partitioning Using Studio, CA PPM - Building Portlets Using Studio and CA PPM - Studio Dashboarding, UI Themes, and Content Management. The concepts and labs in this training will help you to accurately and efficiently configure the system for a more effective implementation.

By attending CA PPM - Studio workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Create and manage new and custom objects to meet the exact needs of your organization
  • Build attributes and display them on views to collect only the data you need to make informed business decisions
  • Configure object audit trails to quickly access the information you need to perform troubleshooting tasks and routine audits, which can prevent downtime and save your organization time and money

  • Good working knowledge of the business administration in CA PPM

The CA PPM - Studio class is ideal for:

  • Project Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • CA PPM Administrators


Objects, Attributes & Views Using Studio


Create Objects

  • Identify objects
  • Create a custom object

Create Attributes

  • Identify attribute types
  • Create an attribute
  • Create a link

Create Lookups

  • Create a static list lookup
  • Create a dynamic lookup
  • Create a static dependent list lookup
  • Implement a multi-valued lookup
  • Create a parameterized lookup

Configure Views

  • Describe the purpose of views and page components
  • Configure fields in views

Create Object Actions

  • Describe object action types
  • Describe object action scope

Define the Audit Trail for an Object


Define personalized menus

Partitioning Using Studio


Identify Partitions

  • Explain the importance of partitions
  • Describe partition model design

Set Up Partitions

  • Create a partition model
  • Associate an object with a partition model
  • Associate lookup values with a partition
  • Associate attributes with a partition
  • Create views for a partition
  • Identify impacts of partitioning on CA PPM functionality
  • Identify permitted updates to partitions

Configure UI Themes for Partitions

  • Create a custom UI theme
Building Portlets Using Studio


Identify Types of Portlets

  • Identify portlet types
  • Identify data providers

Define Pages, Tabs, and Menus

  • Define pages
  • Define pages with tabs
  • Define menus

Create an HTML Portlets


Add a Portlet to a Page


Create a Grid Portlets


Create a Filter Portlets


Create Basic NSQL Queries

  • Describe the Data Model
  • Compare NSQL and SQL
  • Create NSQL queries

Leverage Advanced NSQL Functionality

  • Join tables with NSQL
  • Build special NSQL constructs
  • Build a hierarchical NSQL query

Create a Multidimensional NSQL Queries


Create a Chart Portlets


Build a Drilldown Portlets

Studio Dashboarding, UI Themes and Content Management


Configure Personal Dashboarding

  • Identify personal dashboarding management capabilities
  • Configure personal dashboarding as an administrator

Describe the Migration of Custom UI Themes

  • Edit a custom theme
  • Describe the migration of a custom UI theme

Administer Content Management

  • Create a content management package
  • Upload a content package

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