CA Federation Manager - Administration

( Duration: 3 Days )

In CA Federation Manager - Administration training course Participants learn to build an understanding of Practical Federation use cases and other considerations. Overall, they will be better equipped to use CA Federation Manager to establish a federated network with their federation partners.

By attending CA Federation Manager - Administration workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • Define Federation and Liberty Test cases
  • Define Federation Manager High Level Architecture
  • Manage the Federation Manager System
  • Configure Federation Partnership Components
  • Monitor Federation Manager
  • Manage the Federation Manager Data
  • Extend Federation Manager
  • Extend Federation Manager Configurations
  • Troubleshooting
  • Identify Federation Partnership Use Cases

  • Architects
  • Project Managers
  • Security Administrators
  • Systems Administrators
  • Application Administrators



Define Federation and Liberty Test Cases

  • Identify the Business rationale, Role and Policy/legal issues of Federation
  • Identify Federation and Relevant Standards
  • Identify SAML 2 Web SSO Profiles
  • Identify SAML 2 Single Logout Profiles
  • Identify Liberty Test Case A (Redirect)
  • Identify Liberty Test Case B (SOAP)

Define Federation Manager High Level Architecture

  • Identify Current CA Federation Manager Packaging
  • Identify CA Federation Manager Standalone High Level Architecture
  • Identify Federation Partnership
  • Identify CA Federation Manager Road Map

Manage the Federation Manager Systems

  • Access the Federation Manger UI
  • Identify the Common Features of Federation Manager UI
  • Identify Federation Manager System Status

Configuring Federation Manager Partnership Components

  • Configure User Directory
  • Manage Certificates and Keys
  • Create Entities and Partial Partnerships
  • Create/Complete Partnerships
  • Configuring the Back Channel for HTTP-Artifact and SLO over SOAP

Monitor Federation Manager

  • Identify the Windows Services
  • Identify Extensible Policy Store Connection
  • Identify User Directory Connection

Manager Federation manager Data

  • Start/Stop the System
  • Federation Manager Administration Management
  • Backup/Restore the Data

Extend Federation Manager

  • Identify Federation Manager SDKs
  • Configure Federation Manager SDKs

Extend Federation Manager Configurations

  • Identify SiteMinder Connector and SM/FM SSO
  • Configure User Directory High Availability
  • Configure Delegated Authentication (Asserting Party)
  • Configure Application Integration (Replying Party)
  • Configure Dynamic Provisioning (Relying Party)
  • Identify Proxy Rules (Relying Party)


  • Identifying Logging Facilities
  • Configuring Logging Facilities to Collect Logs
  • Contact Support for Administration Issues

Identify Federation Partnership Use Cases

  • Define SSO with One to One Account Linking
  • Define SSO with Many to One Account Linking
  • Define Anonymous SSO
  • Define SSO with One APs and Many RPs
  • Define SSO with Many APs and One RPs

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