CA Data Center Infrastructure Management - Administration

( Duration: 6 Days )

The CA Data Center Infrastructure Management - Administration training course captures detailed real-time information about energy use across data centers and operational facilities, helping delegates to measure, trend, alert, and take action.

By attending CA Data Center Infrastructure Management - Administration workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • Define Data Center Energy Monitoring
  • Define Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • Describe the role of CA ecoMeter and CA Visaul Infrastructure
  • Verify CA eHealth is running properly by reviewing alerts and log files
  • Verify all reports that need to be run have successfully run
  • Verify all CA eHealth backups have been performed successfully
  • Verify all polling is occurring with minimal errors
  • Interpret and respond to any issues that arise using the CA eHealth Live Health tools
  • Interpret reports to understand short- and long-term problems
  • Generate reports to gain information or in response to a request
  • Identify CA ecoMeter Architecture
  • Identify user interface components
  • Define the gateway protocol
  • Create mapping
  • Integrate BMS
  • Manage ecoMeter administration
  • Calculate and manipulate data
  • Run reports and group elements
  • Create dashboard views
  • Define Live Exceptions
  • Monitor CA ecoMeter
  • Define DCIM architecture
  • Manage access rights and devices
  • Connect devices
  • Configure alarms and alerts
  • View dashboards and trend charts
  • Monitor systems

  • System Administrators
  • Application Administrators
  • Data Administrators


CA Data Center Infrastructure Management r4.x: General Overview 200


What is DCIM?

  • Define CA Data Center Infrastructure Management

CA eHealth r6.1: Operators 200


Administer OneClick for CA eHealth from an Operator’s Perspective

  • Identify the Main Features of OneClick for CA eHealth
  • Verify Polling Occurs with Minimal Errors
  • Locate Alerts and Log Files
  • Confirm That Scheduled Reports Have Been Run
  • Confirm That Database Backups Have Been Run

CA ecoMeter r4.0: Administration 200


Define Data Center Energy Monitoring

  • Define energy concepts
  • Identify common metrics
  • Identify common monitoring points

CA Visual Infrastructure Administration 200


Define Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Define power, space and cooling
  • Define asset management
  • Identify benefits


  • Describe the benefits organizations are provided when a CA DCIM solution is deployed

Generate Reports using the Web Interface

  • Identify the main features of the web interface
  • Generate element reports for a specific element
  • Identify the features of on demand legacy reports
  • Generate on demand legacy reports
  • Identify the features of Query Studio reports
  • Generate a Query Studio report
  • Interpret on demand legacy reports

Identify CA ecoMeter Architecture

  • Define CA ecoMeter architecture
  • Define a gateway
  • Define a calculation engine
  • Define the eHealth backend
  • Identify how the data server is used
  • Identify common implementation scenarios

Define DCIM Architecture

  • Define the CA DCIM Architecture
  • Identify the probe
  • Identify gateway monitoring

DCIM Use Cases

  • Identify five sample use cases for CA DCIM including using DCIM to measure energy efficiency, gain insight into power and cooling, placement and commissioning of new equipment in the data center, data center capacity planning and trending and chargeback, specifically for Managed Service Providers (or MSPs)

Run the CA eHealth Live Health Application

  • Run the Live Exceptions tool\ Run the Live Trend tool
  • Run the Live Status tool

Identify User Interface Components

  • Identify user interface components
  • Identify administrative components

Manage Access Rights

  • Create companies
  • Create and modify device groups
  • Create and modify user groups
  • Create, clone, modify and delete users

Role of CA ecoMeter

  • Describe the role of CA ecoMeter and some its key capabilities

Define the Gatewaay Protocol

  • Define how the protocol gateway works
  • Define CA ecoMeter MIB
  • Create protocol mapping
  • Define MTF files
  • Define controls

Manage Devices

  • Search and reference the device library
  • Create a new device instance
  • Clone a device instance
  • Import/Export devices Define CA PAM

Role of CA Visual Infrastructure

  • Identify the role of CA Visual Infrastructure

Create Mapping

  • Create an SNMP map
  • Create a Modbus
  • Map a BACnet device into the CA ecoMeter gateway

Connect Devices

  • Synchronize with the SNMP Gateway
  • Manually map a model
  • Review the gateway summary
  • Target and monitor attributes
  • Create monitor attributes
  • Apply monitor attributes to a device

Integrate BMS

  • Identify the best approach to integrate with Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Define the IM framework
  • Import data

Create Alarms and Alerts

  • Define alarm states
  • Synchronize alerts with live exceptions
  • Create alarm thresholds
  • View the active alarm Panel
  • Acknowledge and clear alarms
  • View alarms

Manage ecoMeter Administration

  • Add users and assign Roles

Create Dashboards and Trend Charts

  • Review out of the box dashboards
  • Build and modify dashboards
  • View working default and customer trend charts
  • View out of the box reports
  • Run reports
  • Schedule reports

Calculate and Manipulate Data

  • Create calculations with CA ecoMeter
  • Identify the best approach for calculating data
  • Identify scenarios that are used to manipulate data

Monitor Systems

  • Examine server settings
  • View event panel
  • Start and stop the probe
  • Examine probe information
  • Create backups

Run Reports and Group Elements

  • Define reports and grouping elements
  • Create trend reports
  • Create counters and gauges

Create Dashboard Views

  • Define View Builder
  • Create views using View Builder

Define Live Exceptions

  • Define basic concepts of Live exceptions

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