CA AppLogic - Maintaining Cloud Applications for Operators

( Duration: 3 Days )

The CA AppLogic - Maintaining Cloud Applications for Operators training course is designed to show delegates on how to get started quickly and easily on CA AppLogic and develop their skills rapidly to provide Cloud Computing in a public, private, or hybrid environment.

By attending CA AppLogic - Maintaining Cloud Applications for Operators workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • Build, create, and provision the CA AppLogic Fabric to eliminate cabling complexity and save significant capital expense
  • Manage day-to-day operations of the CA AppLogic Fabric to enable operators to build, manage, and modify CA AppLogic grids
  • Support the CA AppLogic users to enable the division of tasks across the CA AppLogic Fabric environment
  • Automate the data center and integrate with legacy systems to enable users to operate an error-free data center

Attendees should be familiar with data center operating systems and Linux command-line utilities or operations such as yum, screen, vi, ifconfig, ping, nslookup, ssh, rsync, and scp. In addition, attendees should have knowledge of:

  • L2 and L3 networking configuration, routing, VLAN, and STP
  • Use of public key-based authentication for ssh access to servers
  • Disk layout, partitioning schemas, RAID configurations
  • Local and remote server management

  • IT Administrators
  • Data Center Architects
  • System Administrators
  • Systems Integrators
  • Systems Engineers



Build the Fabric Environment

  • Identify the Types of Fabric
  • Identify the Requirements for the Fabric
  • Identify Best Practices for Racking and Cabling
  • Configure and Document the Fabric Environment
  • Document Device and MAC Address Details

Create the Backbone Fabric Controller

  • Allocate IP Addresses to the Public, Private, and Power Networks
  • Install the BFC
  • Configure the BFC Environment

Provision a Grid Instance

  • Power Up and Discover Your Servers
  • Provision a Grid Instance
  • Validate the Grid Environment
  • Identify Considerations for Grid Upgrades

Manage Users

  • Explain CA AppLogic User Authentication
  • Describe CA AppLogic RBAC
  • Discuss User, Group, and Role Definition
  • Discuss Integration with Directory Services
  • Manage Legacy CA AppLogic Users
  • Control Resource Consumption Using Quotas

Configure the Web Services APIs

  • Describe the BFC API

Manage Grid Data

  • Identify Use Cases for CA AppLogic Object Archival and Migration
  • Import and Export Archived Data
  • Migrate Applications, Catalogs, and Catalog Classes between Grids
  • Discuss Data Backup
  • Describe Appliance Command Line Utilities

Troubleshoot CA AppLogic

  • Identify the CA AppLogic Log Files
  • Troubleshoot Common Problems
  • Troubleshoot Data Volume Issues
  • Troubleshoot Networking Issues
  • Work with CA AppLogic Event Messages
  • Validate Physical and Virtual HA

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