CA ACF2 for z/OS - Administration

( Duration: 4 Days )

In CA ACF2 for z/OS - Administration training course, delegates will learn on how CA ACF2 provides protection by default. They will also learn about the control databases and how they can be used to write, compile, decompile, and test CA ACF2 Access Rules for data sets.

By attending CA ACF2 for z/OS - Administration workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • Describe how CA ACF2 provides protection by default
  • Describe the CA ACF2 control databases
  • Create and maintain LOGONID records
  • Write, compile, decompile, and test CA ACF2 Access Rules for data sets
  • Maintain infostorage Resource Rules

  • Experience with IBM Time Sharing Option (TSO) or Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF)

  • Administrators
  • Auditors
  • Technical personnel who install, maintain, administer or audit CA ACF2




  • Define and recognize basic security concepts
  • Describe CA ACF2 design philosophy
  • Identify CA ACF2 control databases
  • Examine CA ACF2 for z/OS operating environment
  • Describe CA ACF2 security modes

Identifying System Users

  • Define the Logonid database function
  • Define the Logonid database format
  • Define use of major fields in Logonid record
  • Define special user Logonids
  • Use CA ACF2 commands to create and modify Logonid records
  • Use reports for identifying system users

User Identification String

  • Explain the concept and use of a User Identification String (UID)
  • Create a UID
  • Process the UID
  • Use a UID in rules and reports

Role-Based Security

  • Explain the concept and use of RoleBased Security
  • Create a ROLE
  • Process the ROLE
  • Use a ROLE/USER in rules
  • Classify Resources
  • Apply Resources to Jobs

Writing Data Set Access Rules

  • Describe the contents of Access Rule database
  • Describe components of an access rule set
  • Use masks in access rule
  • Create rules online and from a PDS
  • Use NEXTKEY to merge or split rule sets
  • Use ACF commands to maintain rules
  • Describe how CA ACF2 processes rules
  • Identify and use data set violation reports

Protecting System Resources

  • Identify and use CAACF2 resource rule sets
  • Describe the elements of the resource rule set including control statements, comment statements, and resource rule entries
  • Protect and define other system resources
  • Use ACF commands for resource rule processing
  • Generate CAACF2 system resource reports

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