Appway Administration

( Duration: 2 Days )

The Appway Administration training course provides all the necessary skills to install, configure, administer, deploy and maintain the Appway Platform. This training consists of 3 parts: Installation, Release Management, Support

The Installation part of Appway Administrator training focuses on the installation, setup, and configuration of the Appway web application resorting to a Java Application Server. The Release Management part of Appway Administrator training focuses on the release of a new version of an Appway solution and on the management of the repository of Business Objects composing an Appway solution. The Support part of Appway Administrator training focuses on the identification and troubleshooting of issues in an Appway solution/platform, and on the monitoring of the Appway environment.

Even though the training is designed for platform administrators, support engineers, or release managers, we strongly encourage developers to attend, since much of the troubleshooting in Appway necessitates the intervention of Appway developers. Moreover, several architectural features described in this training-e.g., cache management, troubleshooting, and integration with third-party IT services-are extremely valuable for business process development using the Appway platform.

Learners in Appway Administration workshop should have:

  • Appway Fundamentals knowledge
  • Understanding of Java server administration
  • Basic skills in infrastructure management (application deployment on a WebServer, tool usage monitoring, log management)




  • Software and hardware architecture of an Appway Cluster
  • Installation of an Appway Cluster and the relative persistent storage
  • Estimation of required computing resources
  • Integration with third-party user bases and authentication providers using LDAP
  • Set up third-party integrations such as databases, web services, email servers

Release Management

  • Release of an Appway solution
  • Automated deployment of an Appway solution
  • Management of an Appway platform's repository of Business Objects


  • Guidelines for support
  • Incident management and platform maintenance
  • Monitoring and maintenance with the system health checks
  • Common issues and the Appway Studio troubleshooting toolkit
  • License and user access management

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