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TrueSight Orchestration - Web Services

( Duration: 3 Days )

The TrueSight Orchestration - Web Services training course guides you through the use of web services within TrueSight Orchestration. In this course, you will use web services in TrueSight Orchestration to remotely trigger TrueSight Orchestration workflows and return responses with the workflow output.

By attending TrueSight Orchestration - Web Services workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Describe how the ORCA, Legacy, and REST Web Services could be leveraged with the TrueSight Orchestration
  • Describe how to use TrueSight Orchestration with a Web Service
  • Describe the Web Services Adapter
  • Explain the Web Services process module
  • Describe the SOAP Endpoints
  • Execute RESTAPI calls
  • Configure and activate the rest adapter
  • Configure the grid management module
  • Explore JSON and XML utilities
  • Implement an ORCA Example Use Case

  • Knowledge of TrueSight Orchestration - Development, Architecture and Components

Developers & Consultants



Introduction to Web Services

  • Web Services
  • Using Web Services in TrueSight Orchestration

Utilizing Web Services

  • Utilizing Web Services
  • Use Case Example

Consuming External SOAP Webservices in TrueSight Orchestration Workflows

  • The Web Services Adapter
  • Web Service Process Module

Exposing TrueSight Orchestration Workflows as SOAP Webservice

  • SOAP Endpoints
  • The ORCA Web Services Provider
  • Explore WSDLs Using SoapUI

Using Restful Webservices Through TrueSight Orchestration

  • Introduction
  • Logging into the API server
  • REST API TrueSight Orchestration Call Examples

Additional Restful Webservice API's in TrueSight Orchestration

  • Authentication
  • Administration
  • Execution
  • Using REST API

Grid Management Module

  • REST Adapter
  • Grid Management Module
  • Adapter Management Workflows
  • Module Management Workflows
  • Utilities Management Workflows

JSON and XML Utilities

  • Introduction
  • XML utilities

Example Integration Scenarios

  • Use Case for ORCA Web Service
  • Implementation of ORCA Example Use Case

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