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BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management - Essentials

( Duration: 5 Days )

In BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management - Essentials training course, you will learn the planning strategies, key concepts, configuration steps, and best practices when implementing BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management. In the course, you will learn to request and configure service offerings in the hybrid cloud computing environment.

By attending BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management - Essentials workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Intelligently place services according to policies across traditional infrastructure and private and public clouds
  • Apply appropriate compliance and governance policies to services regardless of where they are deployed
  • Plan for future growth with the ability to scale to support tens of thousands of VMs
  • Get fast time to value with a hybrid cloud that can be up and running with pre-built services in less than a week
  • Define BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management architecture and dataflow
  • Discuss the installation process, required hardware resources, and deployment
  • Create users, companies, and on-board cloud tenants
  • Create and manage Service Blueprints
  • Create, edit, and decommission Service Offerings
  • Explain the roles related to BMC Network Automation, BMC Server Automation, and the MyCloud Services Console
  • Create workflow using BMC Atrium Orchestrator
  • Manage CLM through workspaces and dashboards

  • Knowledge of Cloud Computing

  • Administrators - IT Admins and Cloud Admins



Introducing BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management

  • What Is Cloud Computing?
  • Overview of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management
  • The My Cloud Services Console

Quick Start

  • Overview of Quick Start
  • Deployment Sizes
  • Role of Key Components and Providers

Tenants and Users

  • Tenant Lifecycle and Company Types
  • Creating Tenants and Users
  • Transferring Services
  • Off-boarding Tenants and Users

Assigning Resources

  • Create Network Containers
  • Discuss Resource Pool Management
  • Map Tenants to Resources

Service Blueprints

  • Blueprints and Services
  • The Service Designer
  • Building Single-tier services

Requestable Services

  • Creating a Service Offering
  • Service Catalog Workspace
  • Creating a Requestable Offering

Reusable Components

  • Reusable Components
  • Server and Application Blueprints

Multi-Tier Services

  • Deployment Definitions
  • Configure network paths between components

Controlling Deployment

  • Sequencing Order of Components
  • Customize Services using Parameters

Pre-Deploy Options

  • Options and Choices
  • Blueprint Configurations
  • Modifying VM Resources Prior to Deploy

Post-Deploy Actions

  • Creating Post-Deploy Actions
  • Requestable Post-Deploy Actions

Deploying Operating Systems

  • Managed Servers with BSA
  • Creating Virtual Guest Packages
  • Creating System Packages

Deploying Software

  • How CLM Deploys Software
  • Creating Deploy Jobs

BMC Atrium Orchestrator

  • Overview and Architecture of BAO
  • Building a workflow


  • Tags and Tag Groups
  • Tagging Resources
  • Tagging Strategies and Best Practices


  • Introduction to the Service Governor
  • Configuring Policies


  • Overview of Networking and BNA
  • Designing Pods and Containers

Managing Capacity

  • Dashboard Workspace
  • Cloud Capacity Visibility (CCV) View
  • Cloud Aware Placement Adviser (CAPA)

Managing CLM

  • Audit Trail Workspace
  • Configuration Workspace
  • New Integrated Dashboards

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