Check Point - CCMSE NGX

( Duration: 2 Days )

The Check Point - CCMSE NGX training course offers in depth training on deploying and managing Check Point Provider-1 NGX. Participants will learn how to configure Security Policies for multiple remote Security Gateways using the Multi-Domain GUI (MDG), and learn about managing multiple firewall-secured environments using the Multi-Domain Server (MDS). Participants will also learn how to perform advanced configuration tasks, such as establishing redundant Multi-Domain Servers for High Availability management functions and migrating existing servers into the Provider-1 database.

System administrators, security managers, or network engineers implementing Provider-1 NGX in an enterprise setting.



Provider-1 Overview and Deployment:

  • Example MSP Deployment
  • Multi-Domain GUI and Server
  • Types of MDs
  • Communication between CMA and Security Gateway
  • Multi-Domain Log Modules
  • CheckPoint Management Infrastructure
  • OPSEC Support
  • Provider-1 Communication
  • Security Gateway Deployment
  • Point-of-Presence Provider-1 NGX Configuration
  • NOC Security
  • Log Management
  • Benefits of Provider-1 NGX

MDS Installation and Configuration:

  • Choosing the Type of MDS
  • Licensing Provider-1/SiteManager-1
  • License Details and Upgrading Licenses
  • Provider-1/Site Manager System Requirements
  • Secure Platform Appliances
  • IP Allocation and Routing
  • Command Line and File Structure
  • MDS and CMA Command Line Options
  • Overview of the Multi-Domain GUI
  • Establishing Communication with Remote Security Gateways
  • Multi-Domain GUI Functionality
  • Provider-1 Administrative Modes
  • Customer Contents Mode
  • Security Policies Modes
  • SmartUpdate View
  • SmartUpdate Toolbar Buttons
  • High Availability View
  • Customer Contents Mode
  • MDS Contents Mode
  • High Availability Toolbar Buttons
  • Connected Administrators Views
  • Connected Administrators Toolbar Buttons

NOC Firewall Installation and Configuration:

  • Network Operations Center Security
  • MDG Communication
  • Enhancing NOC Security
  • Rule Base Configurations

Provider-1 Logging Features:

  • Log Management
  • Customer Log Module
  • Multi-Domain Log Module System
  • MLM Deployment
  • Using Eventia Reporter

Global Policies:

  • Global Policy Rules
  • Global Objects and Services
  • Global Policy Database
  • Customer History
  • Global SmartDefense
  • Configuring SmartDefense in Global SmartDashboard
  • Subscribing an Customer to the Global SmartDefense Service
  • Modifying SmartDefense from the SmartDashboard of a CMA
  • Creating Global Objects and Rules
  • Configuring a Global VPN
  • Global VPN Communities

Advanced MDS Function:

  • Migrating Existing Management Servers into Provider-1
  • MDS High Availability Features
  • Methodology of MDS Synchronization
  • MDS Synchronization
  • SmartCenter Server HA of a CMA
  • MDS Clock Synchronization
  • Backing Up a CMA
  • MDS Archiving Utilities
  • Archiving Scripts
  • Restoring the MDS
  • Using the mds_restore command

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