Autodesk Vault Data Management for AutoCAD Users

( Duration: 3 Days )

The Autodesk Vault - Data Management for AutoCAD Users training course is intended for AutoCAD users who need to access their design files from the Autodesk Vault software. This course provides an introduction to the Autodesk Vault Professional software and focuses on Autodesk Vault's features for managing design projects with the AutoCAD software from a user's perspective.

By attending Autodesk Vault - Data Management for AutoCAD Users workshop, attendees will learn:

  • Introduction to Autodesk Vault Features
  • Using the Autodesk Vault client
  • Searching the Vault
  • Working with non-CAD Files in the Vault
  • Working with AutoCAD Files including xrefs in the Vault
  • Customizing the User Interface
  • Data Management and Reusing Design Data

  • This course is intended for AutoCAD users who need to access their design files from the Autodesk Vault software.

  • Good working knowledge of Autodesk CAD programs and have working knowledge of Autodesk Vault Basic features.



Introduction to Autodesk Vault

  • Autodesk Vault Features
  • Terms and Definitions
  • Accessing Autodesk Vault

Orientation to Autodesk Vault

  • Logging in to the Autodesk Vault Client
  • Folder Structure
  • Autodesk Vault Interface Overview
  • Navigation Pane
  • Main Table
  • Preview Pane
  • Properties Grid
  • Toolbars
  • Adding Non-CAD Files to the Vault

Orientation to the AutoCAD Vault Integration Add-in

  • Log in to Vault from AutoCAD
  • Retrieve AutoCAD Files from the Vault
  • Using the External References (Xref) Palette
  • Check In AutoCAD Files to Vault

Searching the Vault

  • Overview of Search Methods
  • Browsing Folder Structure
  • Quick Search
  • Basic Find
  • Advanced Find
  • Saving Searches
  • Reports

Working with Non-CAD Files

  • Get and Check Out
  • Undo Check Out
  • Modifying Non-CAD Files
  • Check In
  • File Versions
  • Managing Prompts and Dialog Boxes
  • File Status

Working with AutoCAD Files

  • Check Out AutoCAD Files
  • Undo Check Out in AutoCAD
  • Modifying AutoCAD Files
  • Check In AutoCAD Files
  • Get Previous Versions in AutoCAD
  • Changing Lifecycle States and Next Release/Revision Procedures
  • Get Revision
  • Creating PDFs
  • Managing Prompts and Dialog Boxes

Customizing the User Interface

  • Autodesk Vault Customization
  • Customizing Columns
  • Custom Views
  • Shortcuts

File and Design Management

  • Managing Data in the Vault
  • Properties
  • Labels
  • Rename Wizard
  • Replace Wizard
  • Pack and Go
  • Synchronize your Workspace
  • Copy Design

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