Autodesk Simulation - Mechanical

The Autodesk Simulation Mechanical – Static Stress, Heat & Linear training course will introduce you to the static stress, heat transfer, and linear dynamics analysis capabilities available within Autodesk Simulation Mechanical. You will learn about meshing, loads, and constraints for each of the covered analysis types. Most importantly, you will learn how to evaluate the results. You will also learn how to create custom presentations and reports of the results.

The Autodesk Simulation - Mechanical Part 2 training course, will introduce you to large scale motion, large deformation, large strain with contact, and non-linear material analysis capabilities. This course assumes that you have a working knowledge of the Autodesk Simulation Mechanical user interface and basic FEA theory. It is recommended that you attend the Autodesk Simulation Mechanical – Static Stress, Heat & Linear course prior to attending this class.


Autodesk Simulation - Static Stress, Heat & Linear (Mechanical Part 1)
(Duration : 3 Days)


Static Stress Analysis Using CAD Solid Models


Midplane Meshing and Plate Elements




Introduction to Contact


Introduction to Linear Dynamics


Transient Heat Transfer


Thermal Stress

  • Multiphysics Overview
  • Performing a Thermal Stress Analysis

Autodesk Simulation - Mechanical Part 2
(Duration : 2 Days)



  • Overview
  • Background of MES
  • Stress and Strain Review
  • Steps for MES

Example Using MES


Setting up the Event and Prescribing Motion

  • Introduction
  • Dynamic Analysis Techniques
  • Modeling Options
  • Element Options
  • MES Loading Options
  • Setting up Time-Dependent Loads
  • Event Setup
  • Loading Options
  • Results Options
  • Prescribed Motion Example

Overview of Material Models

  • Material Model Options
  • Results Options

Introduction to Contact and Impact

  • Uses for Contact and Impact
  • Surface-to-Surface Contact Options
  • Surface Contact Example
  • Acceleration
  • Impact Planes
  • Impact Planes Example
  • Drop Test Wizard
  • Results Options

Geometric Nonlinearities

  • Overview
  • Buckling Analyses
  • Restarting Existing Analyses
  • Example of an MES Restart Analysis

Results-Based Loading and Thermal Stress Analyses

  • Results Based Loading
  • Magnetic Force Example
  • Thermal Stress Analyses

Planar Elements

  • Element Options
  • Loading Options

Self Study: Line and 2-D Elements and Analysis Options

  • Other Element Types
  • When to Use Different Element Types
  • Line Elements – Self Study Objectives
  • Line Element Types and Options
  • Line Element Loading Options
  • Line Element Result Options

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