Autodesk Simulation - Mechanical Part 2

( Duration: 2 Days )

The Autodesk Simulation - Mechanical Part 2 training course, will introduce you to large scale motion, large deformation, large strain with contact, and non-linear material analysis capabilities. This course assumes that you have a working knowledge of the Autodesk Simulation Mechanical user interface and basic FEA theory. It is recommended that you attend the Autodesk Simulation Mechanical – Part 1 course prior to attending Autodesk Simulation Mechanical class.




  • Overview
  • Background of MES
  • Stress and Strain Review
  • Steps for MES

Example Using MES


Setting up the Event and Prescribing Motion

  • Introduction
  • Dynamic Analysis Techniques
  • Modeling Options
  • Element Options
  • MES Loading Options
  • Setting up Time-Dependent Loads
  • Event Setup
  • Loading Options
  • Results Options
  • Prescribed Motion Example

Overview of Material Models

  • Material Model Options
  • Results Options

Introduction to Contact and Impact

  • Uses for Contact and Impact
  • Surface-to-Surface Contact Options
  • Surface Contact Example
  • Acceleration
  • Impact Planes
  • Impact Planes Example
  • Drop Test Wizard
  • Results Options

Geometric Nonlinearities

  • Overview
  • Buckling Analyses
  • Restarting Existing Analyses
  • Example of an MES Restart Analysis

Results-Based Loading and Thermal Stress Analyses

  • Results Based Loading
  • Magnetic Force Example
  • Thermal Stress Analyses

Planar Elements

  • Element Options
  • Loading Options

Self Study: Line and 2-D Elements and Analysis Options

  • Other Element Types
  • When to Use Different Element Types
  • Line Elements – Self Study Objectives
  • Line Element Types and Options
  • Line Element Loading Options
  • Line Element Result Options

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