Autodesk AutoCAD LT - Advanced

( Duration: 2 Days )

Advanced AutoCAD LT training course covers sophisticated techniques that extend your mastery of the AutoCAD software. For example, here you go beyond the basic skill of inserting a block to learning how to create blocks, and beyond the basic skill of using a template to understand the process of setting up a template.

By attending Advanced AutoCAD LT workshop, Participants will learn:

  • Using more advanced editing and construction techniques
  • Adding parametric constraints to objects
  • Creating local and global blocks
  • Setting up layers, styles, and templates
  • Using advanced plotting and publishing options

  • Knowledge of AutoCAD basics as taught in AutoCAD LT - Essentials Training or equivalent experience
  • A working knowledge of basic design/drafting procedures and terminology



Working Effectively with AutoCAD

  • Creating a Custom Workspace
  • Using the Keyboard Effectively
  • Object Creation, Selection, and Visibility
  • Working in Multiple Drawings
  • Copying and Pasting Between Drawings
  • Using Grips Effectively
  • Additional Layer Tools

Accurate Positioning

  • Coordinate Entry
  • Locating Points with Tracking
  • Construction Lines
  • Placing Reference Points

Projects – Productivity Tools

  • Schematic Project – Purifier Unit
  • Mechanical Project – 2 Views
  • Architectural/Civil Project – Formal Garden
  • Mechanical Project – Cover Plate
  • Architectural Project – Addition
  • Mechanical Project – Block
  • Mechanical Project – Plate

Parametric Drawing

  • Working with Constraints
  • Geometric Constraints
  • Dimensional Constraints

Working with Blocks

  • Creating Blocks
  • Editing Blocks
  • Removing Unused Elements
  • Adding Blocks to Tool Palettes
  • Modifying Tool Properties in Tool Palettes

Projects – Creating and Organizing Blocks

  • Mechanical Project – Control Panel
  • Architectural Project – Furniture Layout
  • Civil Project – Utility Layout

Creating Templates Output for Electronic Review

  • Why Use Templates?
  • Controlling Units Display
  • Creating New Layers
  • Adding Standard Layouts to Templates
  • Saving Templates

Advanced Layouts

  • Quick View Layouts
  • Creating and Using Named Views
  • Advanced Viewport Options
  • Layer Overrides in Viewports
  • Additional Annotative Scale Features

Annotation Styles

  • Creating Text Styles
  • Creating Dimension Styles
  • Creating Multileader Styles

Projects – Drawing Setup and Utilities

  • Interiors Project
  • Mechanical/Schematic Project
  • Civil/Map Project
  • Mechanical Project – Dimension Styles

External References

  • Attaching External References
  • Modifying External References
  • Xref Specific Information

Projects – Drawing

  • D-sized Title Block (36×24)
  • Mechanical Project – Drill Press Base
  • Architectural Project – Office Tower
  • P & ID Project – Oil Lubrication System
  • Civil Project – Warehouse Site

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