Apache Wicket

( Duration: 5 Days )

The Apache Wicket training course teaches existing Java web developers to successfully adopt Apache Wicket as a web application development framework.

This course begins with a review of current and competing Java web development frameworks, comparing Wicket to frameworks like JSF, JBoss SEAM, Google GWT, Tapestry, and others. It then transitions into a code-level examination of how to build a robust application using Wicket. With the foundational knowledge laid, this course transitions into a discussion on how to apply AJAX and jQuery to Wicket.

This course concludes with an examination of advanced Wicket concepts like: custom component development, internationalization, and security considerations.

By attending Apache Wicket workshop, Participants will learn :

  • Why to adopt wicket, and how it compares to other frameworks
  • Best-practices, tips, and tricks to over some commonly encountered adoption obstacles
  • To build a database-driven, web application using Wicket

  • Existing Java web developers



What is Wicket?

  • History of Wicket
  • Comparison of Wicket to other frameworks
  • System requirements for adopting Wicket

Your First Wicket Application

  • Installing Wicket with your IDE
  • Understanding the Wicket application structure
  • Configuring your first application
  • Creating a simple Hello World

Deepening your Wicket knowledge

  • The Wicket Way: Key concepts, terminologies, and components
  • Components
  • Pages
  • Models
  • Forms: Building, using, and validating
  • Forms: Building, using, and validating
  • URLs
  • Data views: ListView, DataTables, Trees and others

Data views: ListView, DataTables, Trees and others

  • Review of JavaScript and AJAX concepts
  • Using AJAX with Wicket: Ajax Behaviors, Page Manipulation, Modal Windows
  • Using jQuery with Wicket

Advanced Wicket Techniques

  • Internationalization: Making your application support other locales
  • Working with dynamic resources
  • Common authentication techniques
  • Writing Your Own Reusable Components
  • Designing Wicket applications for high-performance / scalability

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