Apache Sling

( Duration: 2 Days )

Apache Sling training course covers topics on Apache Sling API and topics on related tools to work with Apache Sling, in particular within its OSGi container.

In addition, this Program covers the following:

  • Technology basics: REST and OSGi
  • Use of the Apache Felix console and Maven annotations
  • URL and script resolution
  • Scripting languages and servlets
  • Key concepts on resource resolution, resource mapping and resource provision
  • Key components of the Sling API (including Adaptable)
  • Advanced features of the SlingPostServlet

By attending Apache Sling workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • Start and work with the Sling Launchpad
  • Create, deploy, and configure a bundle
  • Use Maven SCR annotations and create convenient shortcuts
  • Add a logging configuration to the Felix console
  • Use the Sling RESTful API on bundles

  • Basic knowledge of web frameworks
  • Basic programming experience in any project that uses Apache Sling

Apache Sling class is appropriate for all developers who are working with any project or product that uses Apache Sling as its Web application framework.



Introduction to Apache Sling


Getting Started




Resources and Request Resolution


Scripts and Servlets


Advanced Resources


Sling API


Advanced Features of the SlingPostServlet

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