Apache HTTPD and Tomcat Administration

( Duration: 5 Days )

Apache HTTPD and Tomcat Administration training course will cover the details of the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Daemon.conf configuration file, using .htaccess files, virtual hosts, MIME and file types, URL mapping, directory indexing, performance tuning, handlers, filters, server-side includes, managing scripts, security and Apache modules.

This course also covers the details of the server.xml configuration file, an overview of Servlet and JavaServer Pages, a comparison of Tomcat to J2EE application servers, the Tomcat installation directories, deploying Java Web applications, the web.xml file, valves, logging, security realms, connecting Tomcat to Apache Web Server, hosting multiple Web sites, performance and scalability issues, load testing, clustering, monitoring, the Tomcat Manager and the Tomcat Administration tool.

By attending Apache HTTPD and Tomcat Administration workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • Compile and install Apache on both Windows and UNIX-type environments
  • Explain the difference between Apache Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Daemon/web server and Apache Software Foundation
  • Deploy, support, and troubleshoot applications on Apache
  • Navigate Apache’s directory structure
  • Understand Apache configuration files: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Daemon.conf
  • Secure Apache and applications running on it
  • Set up Apache for SSL
  • Tune Apache’s performance
  • Manipulate URLs through Apache’s mod_rewrite module
  • Explain how Tomcat relates to Java EE (J2EE) and compares to other application servers (e.g. JBoss)
  • Install and setup Tomcat on both Windows and UNIX-type environments
  • Deploy, support, and troubleshoot applications on Tomcat
  • Navigate Tomcat’s directory structure
  • Understand Tomcat architecture and configuration files: server.xml, context.xml, .properties, etc.
  • Understand web application structure and configuration: web.xml
  • Secure Tomcat and applications running on it
  • Set up Tomcat for SSL
  • Tune Tomcat’s performance
  • Explore different load-balancing and high-availability strategies with Tomcat

Participants should be familiar with the basic principles of web/application server administration.

Additionally, prior exposure to any of these concepts can be helpful:

  • Basic rules of XML (i.e., being able to edit XML files)
  • HTTP protocol (i.e., the stateless nature of HTTP, the need for sessions, HTTP methods, SSL, etc.)
  • Java environments (e.g., memory settings, automatic garbage collection, JDBC)
  • Other Java EE (J2EE) application servers and basic concepts behind Java Web Applications

Web/application server administrators who need to be able to install, configure, run, and tune the Apache Web server and Tomcat Application Server.



Introduction to Apache

  • Background
  • Overview of Apache HTTP server’s features
  • Usage of Apache HTTP server in the real world
  • Overview of Apache Software Foundation
  • Apache License
  • Versions of Apache HTTP Server
  • Apache Server requirements and deployment options

Installation of Apache




Logging on Apache


URL Handling on Apache

  • slash redirect
  • Redirecting URLs to other URLs
  • Redirecting with regular expressions
  • Redirecting misspelled URLs
  • Aliasing URLs to files/directories
  • Aliasing with regular expressions
  • Aliasing scripts
  • Aliasing user directories
  • Re-examining Document Root
  • Handling errors (creating Error Document-s)

Handlers and Filters on Apache


Virtual Hosting on Apache

  • Overview of virtual hosting
  • Defining virtual hosts on Apache
  • IP-based virtual hosting
  • Port-based virtual hosting
  • Name-based virtual hosting
  • Mix-and-match virtual hosting
  • Bulk-virtual hosting
  • Issues with virtual hosting (e.g. SSL)

Directory Indexing on Apache

  • Directory requests
  • Basic directory indexing
  • Fancy directory indexing
  • Configuring directory indexing
  • Customizing header and footer
  • Ignoring files to index
  • Customizing icons and descriptions
  • Dynamic filtering and sorting

Apache Performance Tuning


Dynamic Content on Apache


Apache Security


Advanced URL manipulation on Apache

  • Overview of mod_rewrite
  • Enabling mod_rewrite
  • Understanding API Phases
  • Rule set processing
  • RewriteRule directive
  • RewriteCond directive
  • RewriteOptions directive
  • RewriteBase directive
  • RewriteMaps directive
  • RewriteLock directive
  • mod_rewrite in practice

Intro to JavaEE


Apache Tomcat Overview

  • Background of Tomcat
  • Apache Software Foundation
  • Tomcat project
  • Tomcat licensing
  • Uses of Tomcat in the real world
  • Versions of Tomcat
  • Future direction for Tomcat
  • Alternative distributions of Tomcat

Tomcat Directory Structure

  • The bin/ directory
  • The lib/ directory (libraries on Tomcat pre-v6: shared/, common/, server/)
  • Class loading on Tomcat
  • The conf/ directory
  • The context directories
  • The webapps/ directory
  • The temp/ directory
  • The logs/ directory
  • The work/ directory
  • Running multiple Tomcat instances off the single installation

Logging on Tomcat

  • Default system logging
  • Using Log4J
  • Access Log Valve
  • Request Dumper Valve

Load Testing with JMeter

  • Overview of JMeter
  • Installation
  • Running
  • Creating a Test Plan
  • Configuring Thread Groups
  • Adding Tasks to Thread Groups
  • Configuring HTTP Requester
  • Managing Report Listeners
  • Running Test Plans

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