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Apache Commons

( Duration: 3 Days )

Apache Commons is the world’s leading Web server software, with a commanding 55% market share. In Apache Commons training course, you will learn to set up, configure, administer, and secure Apache Commons.

By attending Apache Commons workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Build, configure, monitor, and tune Apache Commons
  • Master deploying Web sites and server-side applications to Apache Commons
  • Discover how to secure applications running on Apache Commons

Familiar with general principles of Web server administration and have some experience building Web applications.



Using Configuration

  • Configuration Sources
  • Mixing Configuration Sources
  • The Configuration interface
  • Threading issues

Basic features and Abstract Configuration

  • Handling of missing properties
  • List handling
  • Variable Interpolation
  • Customizing interpolation

Properties files

  • Using Properties Configuration
  • Includes
  • Lists and arrays
  • Saving
  • Special Characters and Escaping
  • Layout Objects
  • Custom properties readers and writers

File-based Configurations

  • Specifying the file
  • Loading
  • Saving
  • Automatic Saving
  • Automatic Reloading

Hierarchical properties

  • Accessing properties in hierarchical configurations
  • Complex hierarchical structures
  • Accessing structured properties
  • Adding new properties
  • Escaping dot characters in property names
  • Expression engines
  • Validation of XML configuration files

Composite Configuration Details

  • Setting Up Defaults
  • Saving Changes

Combined Configuration

  • How it works
  • Node combiners
  • Constructing a Combined Configuration
  • Dealing with changes

Declaring and Creating Beans

  • Basic Concepts
  • An Example
  • Extending the Basic Mechanism

Using Default Configuration Builder

  • The configuration definition file
  • Setting up a Configuration Factory
  • Overriding properties
  • Optional configuration sources
  • Union configuration
  • Configuration definition file reference
  • An example
  • Extending the configuration definition file format

Multi-tenant Configurations

  • MultiFile Hierarchical Configuration
  • Dynamic Combined Configuration
  • Sample Configuration
  • Pattern Subtree Configuration Wrapper

Configuration Events

  • Configuration listeners
  • An example
  • Error listeners

Utility classes and Tips and Tricks

  • Copy a configuration
  • Converting a flat configuration into a hierarchical one
  • Converting between properties and configurations
  • Interpolation of all variables
  • Handling of runtime exceptions

File Systems

  • Configuration
  • File Options Provider
  • File Reloading Strategy

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