Apache ActiveMQ

( Duration: 2 Days )

The Apache ActiveMQ is a powerful messaging provider that supports many cross-language clients and protocols. In today’s environments, ActiveMQ provides a means for delivering messages reliably between diverse systems using a series of message brokers and queues.

The Apache ActiveMQ Training course provides a solid introduction to the theory and practice of applying ActiveMQ (AMQ) for brokered, reliable messaging. Detailed hands-on labs demonstrate installation, configuration, monitoring, and control of AMQ brokers. Examples of JMS functionality cover publish-subscribe and queue based messaging, persistence, and transactional messages. A variety of AMQ deployment options and topology options are also reviewed.

By attending Apache ActiveMQ workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • Install ActiveMQ and verify that it was installed successfully
  • Install a custom instance of ActiveMQ
  • Issue broker-control commands to list brokers, query a broker, and browse a queue
  • View and debug the state of message flows in a development environment
  • Safely listen behind firewalls for messages that work like commands
  • Configure a JMX agent console to monitor, test, and control an AMQ implementation
  • Configure an ActiveMQ broker to use different logging levels
  • Configure a TCP, HTTP, SSL, or VM connector to expose broker connectivity to clients
  • Configure a Network connector to enable brokers to communicate with other brokers
  • Configure an ActiveMQ broker to support Java clients, Spring clients, client logging, and client transactions/acknowledgments
  • Configure a set of MQ brokers to handle a simple high availability, master/slave, failover, or load-balanced implementation scenario
  • Implement Virtual Destinations, Conduit Subscriptions, Message Groups, and transport-level security
  • Describe how messages are dispatched and controlled

Knowledge and modest proficiency with Java, experience with application development using Eclipse IDE, and basic understanding of distributed computing concepts.

Business Solutions Architects and Java Application Programmers.



Understanding Message-oriented Middleware


Java Message Service


Introducing Apache ActiveMQ


Setting up ActiveMQ




Message Storage


ActiveMQ Security


Building Java Messaging Application with ActiveMQ


Integrating ActiveMQ


Deploying ActiveMQ


Performance Tuning


Monitoring & Managing ActiveMQ

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