Machine Learning with WEKA

( Duration: 3 Days )

This Machine Learning with WEKA training course provides the knowledge and skills to learn Java programming for Machine learning and Statistical learning with Weka library. The course focuses on teaching individuals how to apply Machine learning and Statistical learning in Weka, creating datasets, generating model, training/testing model and evaluating model.

The Machine Learning with WEKA workshop is ideal for:

  • IT professionals or developers who want to get started in the field of Machine learning. Anyone with prior experience with java, data mining or statistical learning world will very quickly feel at ease with WEKA.



Machine Learning and WEKA Basics

  • What is Machine learning and Weka?
  • Core Algorithms types
  • Rule Systems


  • What is classification and classes?
  • Classifying data in Weka
  • Which algorithms will work for classification
  • Running classification in Weka


  • What is regression?
  • Which algorithms will work for regression
  • Running regression in Weka

Datasets for Weka

  • Creating ARFF files
  • Data types
  • Class enumeration

Features and feature types

  • What are features?
  • Feature selection and Feature engineering
  • Filtering algorithms based on feature-type in Weka

Model Evaluation

  • Interpreting and Refining Results
  • Class Balancing

Machine learning with Java and Weka

  • Using Weka.jar
  • Java/Weka classification project

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