Adobe Experience Platform - Essentials

( Duration: 1 Day )

In Adobe Experience Platform - Essentials training course, you will learn the basics about Platform and receive hands-on training. You will learn about the user interface as well as how to ingest data, work with the Identity Graph, Unified Profile, Segments, and understand Data Governance through Data Usage Labeling and Enforcement (DULE), how to query the Platform by using a PostgreSQL tool, and to send API calls to the Platform by using REST API Client tools. You will be able to query the Platform using third-party analytics tools and work with Machine Learning recipes used for predicting behavior.

By attending Getting Started with Adobe Experience Platform workshop, attendees will learn to:

  • Navigate through the Platform UI
  • Explain the data ingestion methods
  • Ingest loyalty data by using a CSV file mapped to XDM schema
  • Apply data governance to a dataset
  • Create a customer profile in the Platform
  • Create a segment in the Platform
  • Postman authentication to Adobe I/O
  • Create a segment by using the Platform API
  • Send API calls to the Platform by using REST API Client such as POSTMAN (optional)
  • Write SQL queries combining online, call center, and loyalty data available in the Platform
  • Create a dataset from the query results
  • Query the Platform with PostgreSQL(optional)
  • Leverage Query Service to build visualizations in Microsoft Power BI or Tableau
  • Explore the Data Science workspace
  • Author and train a model to operationalize and experiment
  • Evaluate the model and consume the insights
  • Use Machine Learning to predict product purchase behavior

  • Basic knowledge of data analysis

Architects, developers, data scientists, consultants, business and marketing managers, data analysts, and marketers




  • Experience Platform Architecture
  • UI navigation

Data ingestion service


Data governance - DULE


Identity service, Unified profiles, and segmentation


Query service

  • Querying with Platform Query editor
  • Querying with PostgreSQL
  • PowerBI visualizations
  • Tableau visualization

Machine Learning (ML)

  • Overview of Jupyter Lab and Jupyter Notebook
  • Machine Learning Recipes
  • Train a Machine Learning Model
  • Test a Machine Learning Model
  • Apply a Machine Learning Model
  • Understanding API Endpoints

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