Adobe Illustrator - Essentials

( Duration: 3 Days )

Adobe Illustrator is an essential design tool for anyone who needs to express ideas visually in print, on the web, and in any other medium. In Adobe Illustrator - Essentials training course, Participants will get a thorough overview of the interface, tools, and features of Illustrator. Through hands-on exercises, you will learn the basics of working with Illustrator to incorporate visual effects into your workflow.

By attending Adobe Illustrator - Essentials workshop, Participants will learn:

  • Key techniques, tips, and tricks for working in Illustrator

  • Practical working knowledge of Mac OS X
  • Photoshop Essentials

Creative professionals seeking the fastest, most comprehensive way to learn Illustrator.



Getting to Know the Work Area

  • Workspace
  • Adjusting the user interface brightness
  • Tools panel
  • Control panel
  • Panels
  • Resetting and saving your workspace
  • Panel menus
  • Changing the view of artwork
  • Zoom tool
  • Scrolling through a document
  • Viewing artwork
  • Navigating multiple artboards
  • Navigator panel
  • Rulers
  • Arranging multiple documents
  • Document groups

Selecting and Aligning

  • Selecting objects
  • Selection tool
  • Direct selection tool
  • Creating selections with a marquee
  • Creating selections with the Magic Wand tool
  • Selecting similar objects
  • Aligning objects
  • Distributing objects
  • Aligning to the artboard
  • Groups
  • Grouping items
  • Working in isolation mode
  • Adding to a group
  • Object arrangement
  • Arranging objects
  • Selecting objects behind
  • Hiding objects
  • Applying selection techniques

Creating and Editing Shapes

  • Creating a new document
  • Basic shapes
  • Creating rectangles
  • Creating rounded rectangles
  • Creating ellipses
  • Creating polygons
  • Drawing modes
  • Draw behind mode
  • Creating stars
  • Changing stroke width and alignment
  • Line segments
  • Joining paths
  • Using the width tool
  • Outlining strokes
  • Combining and editing shapes
  • Shape builder tool
  • Pathfinder effects
  • Shape modes
  • Using draw inside mode
  • Editing content drawn inside
  • Using the eraser tool
  • Using image trace to create shapes
  • Cleaning up traced artwork

Transforming Objects


Drawing with the Pen and Pencil Tools

  • Starting with the pen tool
  • Creating straight lines
  • Creating curved paths
  • Building a curve
  • Converting smooth points to corner points
  • Creating the violin illustration
  • Drawing curves
  • Selecting a curved path
  • Drawing a curved path
  • Drawing a closed path with curves
  • Drawing the violin shape
  • Creating the strings
  • Splitting a path
  • Adding arrowheads
  • Creating a dashed line
  • Editing curves
  • Deleting and adding anchor points
  • Converting between smooth points and corner points
  • Drawing with the Pencil tool
  • Editing with the Pencil tool
  • Finishing the violin illustrationAssembling the parts
  • Assembling the parts
  • Painting the artwork

Color and Painting


Working with Type

  • Type
  • Importing a plain text file
  • Overflow text and text reflow
  • Threading text
  • Creating columns of text
  • Formatting type
  • Changing additional text attributes
  • Glyphs
  • Resizing type objects
  • Changing paragraph attributes
  • Creating and applying text styles
  • Creating and applying a paragraph style
  • Editing a paragraph style
  • Sampling text formatting
  • Creating and applying a character style
  • Editing a character style
  • Reshaping text with a preset envelope warp
  • Reshaping text with an object
  • Creating text on an open path
  • Creating text on closed paths
  • Creating text outlines


  • Creating layers
  • Selecting and moving objects and layers
  • Duplicating layer content
  • Moving layers
  • Locking layers
  • Viewing layers
  • Pasting layers
  • Creating a clipping mask
  • Merging layers
  • Locating layers
  • Applying appearance attributes to layers
  • Isolating layers

Blending Colors and Shapes

  • Gradients
  • Creating and applying a linear gradient to a fill
  • Adjusting the direction and angle of a gradient fill
  • Applying a gradient to a stroke
  • Editing a gradient on a stroke
  • Creating and applying a radial gradient
  • Editing the radial gradient color
  • Adjusting the radial gradient
  • Applying gradients to multiple objects
  • Exploring other methods for editing gradient colors
  • Adding transparency to gradients
  • Working with blended objects
  • Creating a blend with specific steps
  • Modifying a blend
  • Creating and editing smooth color blends


  • Calligraphic brushes
  • Editing a brush
  • Fill color with brushes
  • Removing a brush stroke
  • Art brushes
  • Drawing with the paintbrush tool
  • Editing paths with the paintbrush tool
  • Creating an art brush
  • Editing an art brush
  • Using bristle brushes
  • Changing bristle brush options
  • Painting with a bristle brush
  • Using pattern brushes
  • Creating a pattern brush
  • Applying a pattern brush
  • Changing the color attributes of brushes
  • Changing a brush color using tints colorization
  • Changing the brush color using hue shift colorization
  • Blob brush tool
  • Merging paths with the blob brush tool
  • Editing with the eraser tool

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