Adobe - Film Production

( Duration: 1 Day )

The Adobe - Film Production training course gives participants hands-on knowledge on creating polished video sequence with the Creative Cloud's video editing software. Along with learning basic editing, participants will also gain knowledge on creating special effects.

By attending Adobe - Film Production workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • Create a polished video sequence with the Creative Cloud's video editing software
  • Create special effects such as energy swords, alien lasers, set extensions, fire, explosions, and more

  • Creative professionals
  • Beginners to Film Production



Getting Started With The Creative Cloud

  • Introduction
  • Overview of the Software
  • How to Download the Adobe CC Software
  • Organizing Files and Folders

Assembling First Cut

  • Opening Premiere for the First Time
  • Importing and Organizing Clips
  • Capturing Clips from Tape
  • Starting Participants First Edit
  • Editing the Bench Shot
  • Assembling the Split Path Shot
  • Cutting the Fire Sequence
  • Editing the Alien Fight
  • Assembling the Explosive Ending
  • Previewing and Comparing Project Files

Basic Solid Layer Usage For Energy Sword

  • Preparing a Second Sequence
  • Using AE Comps in Premiere
  • Editing Mask for Chad Jumping Up
  • Creating Pre-Comp for Chad Jumping Up
  • Adjusting Sword Color
  • Applying More Effects to Chad Jumping Up
  • Comparing Chad Jump File in Premiere
  • Applying Sword to Laser Deflection
  • Applying Head Mask to Laser Deflection
  • Applying Plant Mask to Laser Deflection
  • Creating Sword after Deflection
  • Creating Sword for Charge Shot
  • Adding a Lens Flare for the Charge
  • Creating Sword for Gun Cut

Tracking /Keying /Compositing For Effects

  • Tracking the Hilt for Ignition
  • Masking the Solid for Ignition
  • Finishing Ignition Effect
  • Adding Lighting to Ignition Shot
  • Lightsaber Dissipating Shot
  • Designing Alien Laser
  • Finishing the Blocking Sequence
  • Editing the Explosive Ending

Playing With Fire

  • Tracking the Ignition Sequence
  • Applying Fire for Ignition
  • Grounding the Ignition Effect
  • Creating Track Points for Reaction Shot
  • Applying Fire to Reaction Shot
  • Masking the Fire Pre-Comps
  • Color Corrections for Reaction Shot
  • Applying Fire to Approaching Shot
  • Setting Up Final Fire Shot
  • Stabilizing and Testing Footage

Creating The Set Extension

  • Laying Out the Green Trees
  • Laying Out the Dead Trees
  • Color Correcting the Trees
  • Creating Lighting
  • Creating Shadows
  • Setting the Tracker Points
  • Applying the Tracking
  • Polishing the Composition

Cutting The Alien Blaster

  • Tracking the Gun
  • Creating the Gun Mask
  • Preparing the Other Masks
  • Creating the Tree Mask
  • Creating the Gun Boundary Mask
  • Adding a Lens Flare

Preparing The Final Cut

  • Tightening Up Effects and Shots
  • Color Correcting Shots
  • Rendering the Third Cut
  • Previewing the Third Cut
  • Applying Vignette Through Premiere
  • Recording the Narration
  • Applying Narration
  • Applying Sound Effects and Music
  • Previewing the Final Cut
  • Rendering the Final Cut


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