Adobe CC Cartoon Production

( Duration: 2 Days )

In Adobe CC Cartoon Production training course participants will be taken step by step through the process of creating an animated cartoon. We will first start by mapping out a storyboard and creating our characters and scenes. Next, we will animate the entire production as seen in the storyboard. Finally, we will use Premiere to edit and add polish to our animated masterpiece.

  • Animation enthusiasts



Getting Started With The Creative Cloud

  • Introduction
  • Overview of The Adobe CC Video Production Software
  • How to Download the Adobe CC Software
  • Organizing Participants Files and Folders
  • Setting Up Participants Flash Documents

Creating a Blueprint

  • Brainstorming
  • Creating an Outline
  • Writing a Screenplay
  • Mapping Out a Storyboard

Constructing the Monster's Body

  • Layers and Reference Image
  • Outling the Body
  • Coloring the Body
  • Drawing the Arms
  • Drawing the Front Hand
  • Drawing the Back Hand
  • Drawing the Legs
  • Drawing the Fin

Constructing the Monster's Head

  • Setting the Head Symbol
  • Constructing the Eye
  • Constructing the Mouth Pt.1
  • Constructing the Mouth Pt.2
  • Creating Mouth Mask and Facial Lines
  • Drawing the Front Horn
  • Drawing the Back Horn

Rigging the Monster

  • Adding Details to the Monster
  • Creating Symbols for the Body Parts
  • Anchoring the Monster Body Parts
  • Creating the Monster Running Animation
  • Polishing the Monster Running Animation
  • Animating the Monster's Eye Blink
  • Animating the Monster's Mouth
  • Adding Final Touches

Rigging the Human

  • Creating Symbols for the Human Body Parts
  • Starting the Human's Run Cycle
  • Creating Second Pose for Human Run Cycle
  • Creating Third Pose for Human Run Cycle
  • Creating Final Run Poses for Human
  • Fixing the Legs
  • Fixing the Arms
  • Tips for the Run Cycle
  • Animating the Eye Blinks
  • Animating the Mouth
  • Polishing Up the Mouth

Building a Scene

  • Setting Up the Document
  • Drawing the Sky Assets
  • Drawing the Back Mountains
  • Adding a Highlight to the Back Mountains
  • Drawing the Front Mountains
  • Drawing the Cave and Ground
  • Polishing the Cave and Ground
  • Playing with Filters
  • Animating the Clouds

Animating the the Establishing Shot

  • Setting the Establishing Shot Pt.1
  • Setting the Establishing Shot Pt.2
  • Setting the Approach Animation
  • Animating the Walk Pt.1
  • Animating the Walk Pt.2
  • Animating the Walk Pt.3

Animating the Character's Close Up

  • Arranging the Assets
  • Prepaaring the Character Symbol
  • Finalizing the Shot

Animating the Peek In Scene

  • Preparing the Assets
  • Animating the Body
  • Animating the Face
  • Finalizing Character Animation
  • Creating a Camera Pan

Animating Inner Cave Monster Shots

  • Preparing the Assets
  • Animating the Monster Emerge
  • Animating the Monster Roar Pt.1
  • Animating the Monster Roar Pt.2

Animating the Running Sequence

  • Setting the Assets
  • Setting the Close Up Shot
  • Recording Audio with Audition
  • Syncing the Voice
  • Finishing the Scene

Editing in Premiere

  • Exporting from Flash
  • Importing and Assembling
  • Sound Resources
  • Applying Sound Files
  • Applying Music
  • Exporting

Wrap Up

  • Final Thoughts


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