Adobe Analytics - Data Workbench Administrator

( Duration: 1 Day )

In Adobe Analytics - Data Workbench Administrator training course (formerly Adobe Insight Administrator training), Participants are introduced to all components and develop an understanding of how data is collected and organized for analysis. They receive instruction on the role and location of all system configuration files, how to access and modify them, and how to troubleshoot general operational issues. The Program covers user and server administration through features including access control, address files, clustering, and server synchronization. They will also learn best practices for the Server Files Manager and Profile Manager interfaces.

By attending Adobe Analytics - Data Workbench Administrator workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • List the roles and responsibilities of the system administrator
  • Identify and describe components
  • Understand the server product file structure
  • Understand procedures for installation, configuration and maintenance
  • Understand how to configure a server cluster
  • Describe procedures for requesting software and certificates
  • Monitor system availability and performance
  • List issues related to system sizing and scalability

Adobe Analytics - Data Workbench Administrator class is designed for personnel who serve as first-line support for Data Workbench users or who are responsible for maintaining and monitoring the hardware, system software, data storage availability, network accessibility, and access controls for in-house implementations of Data Workbench.



Introduction to the Data Workbench Platform


Getting Started with Data Workbench Client


System Administration Basics

  • Profile Manager
  • Server Files Manager
  • Configuration Files
  • Modifying Files in Client vs. Text Editors

Installation and Configuration


Configuring Server Clusters

  • Adding DPUs to existing clusters

Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Managing the Server Service
  • Access Control Configuration
  • Monitoring and Managing System Events
  • Monitoring Disk Space
  • Admin Alerts Configuration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Upgrading and Uninstalling

Sizing and Performance Management

  • Overview
  • Data Processing Fundamentals
  • Diagnosing Performance Issues

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