Adobe Analytics - Ad Hoc Analysis

( Duration: 1 Day )

The Adobe Analytics - Ad Hoc Analysis training course will teach Participants on how to use ad hoc analysis to do deep analysis on the Web site traffic. This Program shows how ad hoc analysis goes beyond day-to-day analytics questions and allows them to explore hidden relationships in their reports. This Program gives Participants the ability to take segmentation to the next level by applying virtually any segment to any report, revealing the segment’s effect on site traffic, paths through the site, and conversion. Ad hoc analysis queries the entire data set with unprecedented speed and flexibility.

By attending Adobe Analytics - Ad Hoc Analysis workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • Describe the need for ad hoc analysis
  • Identify where ad hoc analysis fits into the Adobe product suite
  • Access ad hoc analysis
  • Explore the ad hoc analysis interface and run reports
  • Customize ad hoc analysis reports to analyze Participants site
  • Build and apply custom segments
  • Use the new reports for powerful path analysis
  • Build an analysis plan for greater understanding of important segments

It is HIGHLY recommended that Participants have attended Reports & Analytics User training and Reports & Analytics Advanced Features & Tools training or have equivalent experience.

Adobe Analytics - Ad Hoc Analysis class is designed for business analysts who need to go beyond the day-to-day analysis and find hidden insight into advanced segments.



Introduction: Ad hoc analysis Strengths


Ad hoc analysis Data Slices


Ad hoc analysis Projects


The Interface


Metric-based Reports


Unique Visitors in ad hoc analysis


Item-based (Pivot Table) Reports


Metrics in ad hoc analysis


Behold the Power of Segmentation


Using the Segment Builders


Path Analysis in ad hoc analysis


Putting It All Together

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